How many words can a cat understand?

By Juliet D'cruz

How many words can a cat understand? I take advantage of one of your questions asked in the comment of one of the videos on this channel to come back to the communication with your cat. I’ll start by telling you how your cat can recognize a particular word. You will learn enough today to chat more with your cat.

When your cat meows

By the way, I already told you why your cat is meowing, you can review this topic with 1 click here. I also had fun giving you examples of meows that you are able to interpret in the subject “Your cat meows, what does it say to you?” ” to review here in 1 click. But now it comes down to how many words your cat is able to recognize.

The situation matters to your cat

Even though your cat may be able to make you believe it, he doesn’t understand the meaning of a word. Even if you say “croquettes”, “eat” or “A table!” », your cat does not understand the exact translation but he understands the meaning. With your cat, everything is a matter of context, of situation. For the word “eat” pronounced in the kitchen with his favorite bowl in hand, you can imagine that he will meow at your feet. If you pronounce this same word at the beginning of the afternoon when he is in his fourth nap of the day, you whisper in his ear “eat”, his reaction will be different.

Your cat analyzes you in an instant

Your cat is therefore helped by the situation in which he hears the sound of a word. He adds to that his reading of your body language. Holding his bowl in your hand, you have an attitude, a body position, and a speed of movement which are valuable information for your cat. These additional elements will instantly send him the meal signal. But it is not finished.

Just the word may not be enough. The importance of your intonation of voice will tell your cat about the meaning of your call. Again your cat does not understand the word but associates its music with several visual information. He sees your behavior, your gestures, the bowl, and the expression on your face. It is thanks to all this that your cat understands a particular word.

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Film your cat and say a word

And if you filmed your cat with a word that you will choose among those that it usually recognizes? That would be wonderful. In the pictures, toss the word as usual. Then at another point, say the word in a very unusual voice, with a very different attitude and context. I would love to show your videos on this channel. You can share them here on youtube or here on Facebook. Remember to introduce your cat naturally.

How many words does your cat remember?

So how many words can your cat remember? After a quick survey with Cat Parents, the number 10 often comes up as the maximum. As much as a dog can memorize many more words but for a cat, the operation is different. I invite you to list the words your cat already knows here in the comments of this video. Personally, I don’t even go beyond the 6 words between “kibbles”, “out”, “brush”, “rolled ball”, “cabin”, and “garage” and for each one their first name.

A record of 180 words for a traveling cat

But I invite you to teach your cat many more words. With patience, with the method that we review in Cat Parent Training, you could even aim for a record of 180 words. This is what confides Bianca, an Italian who had taken a cat on a long trip. She had even trained her cat to recognize different dishes on a restaurant menu that her cat identified. I invite you to read this little testimony on the link here.

While waiting for the video of your cat reacting to two different situations for the same word, I invite you to tell us in the comments which word recognizes your cat. Ask your questions if you wish. I cannot answer everyone but I choose one of your questions if it has not already been mentioned on Share this video and subscribe right here to this channel. That way, you’ll be the first to know about next week’s post “The Limits of the Tuna Can for Your Cat”.

Does my cat understand when i speak?

We wondered about the ability of the dog to understand when we talk about it, and your cat then?

Does your cat understand you when you talk to him? In reality, the answer is more complex than the question. If your tomcat has, like all cats language, a linguistic intelligence, it is that of understanding the languages ​​spoken to him and of transmitting information or emotions. Your cat unlike you is naturally polyglot but in its own way.

How the cat decodes human language

A cat is not programmed to understand or speak a structured symbolic language.CHowever, when we pronounce them we emit a melody composed of sounds. For a cat, these sounds take on meaning depending on the context in which he hears them. 

When you are angry because he has done something stupid (and they have a boundless imagination for that: lol:) you address him by raising your voice and thus expressing your displeasure. Your voice intonations are no longer the same as usual and your cat, without understanding the content, immediately grasps your emotions and your intentions.

Observing him in this situation, he takes on the attitude of a sheepish cat. Your cat understands language which corresponds to 93% of human communication. Therefore, it goes without saying that your cat understands almost everything you say. He would probably make an excellent psychologist or salesman if he spoke!

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