How Do You Make Meetings Fun?

By Albert Howard

Virtual meetings are now widely incorporated in many fields. From a conference room at a company to a school with a virtual classroom platform, almost everyone uses digital conferencing in one way or another. However, while online conferencing has become so easy and approachable, it still simply offers means of convenient communication. So, it is up to you as a host to make the meeting fun. Of course, not every digital conference needs to be all fun and games, especially if we are talking about a serious business meeting. But still, incorporating fun digital elements for engagement allows for improving the mood of all participants and absorbing the information easier.

Creating Fun Video Conferences for Education

When we are talking about school and even college students, it is crucial to make education fun and engaging. Virtual studying might feel less interactive if you are not incorporating additional fun elements. Students of all ages love games, digital content, and interactive features that allow them to learn while having a good time. Here are some ideas that you can bring to your online classroom:

  • Educational videos – there are millions of educational video lessons on practically every subject online. They can be long and interactive to occupy the whole lesson or short, exciting, and straight to the point. You can send your students the link to a lesson on some specialized website like TEDed or simply turn on a YouTube video and share your screen.
  • Scavenger hunts – you can still enjoy fun games with your students even if you are not in the same room. Ask the students to look for certain objects, shapes, or colors around their houses to show them to video call participants.
  • Brain break games – numerous free games will help with exercising your brain a little. From quick answer games with flashcards to discussion topics with a time limit – there are tons of ways to engage students and make them think.
  • Digital field trips – many educational facilities like museums, zoos, aquariums, etc. have been offering virtual tours for a long time already. But it is during the pandemic when many new features have been introduced to make the experience even more immersive and engaging. Of course, there is nothing like walking through a museum or gallery yourself, but modern video conferencing features allow making incredible online field trips.
  • Social activities – it is important to socialize, especially if you have to arrange virtual classes where students cannot communicate in person. You can try fun activities that encourage collaboration, such as creating a playlist on Spotify or other platforms where students can all add one or few songs. Assign tasks so students can divide into smaller groups and go to separate chat rooms to talk to each other, etc.
  • Come up with theme days – people love themed activities, even if they are as simple as wearing a specific color or bringing a certain item. You can go fully immersive with your students by curating themed lessons about countries, historical eras, dinosaurs, pirates, or astronauts – whichever you like. Ask your students to join a lesson with their pet or show their favorite book – the possibilities are endless.

Even when students have to attend lessons from home and see each other and their professors via a video call, there are still plenty of fun ideas to enhance the educational process.

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Improving Your Business Video Conferences

Of course, fun online games can be applicable to corporate environments too, especially when you are having a relaxed team-building meeting or celebrating someone’s birthday in the office. However, even serious business meetings need an engaging element to make the whole video conference more interesting and digestible. Here are some ideas that will help to spice up your digital business meetings:

  • Include polls – creating polls is an efficient and fun way of receiving immediate feedback even if the speaker is not finished yet. This is also helpful if you want to receive some opinions and ideas without interrupting the speaker and the whole meeting. The results can be discussed afterward.
  • Quizzes – when creating quizzes about certain products or services, you can receive live feedback that will help with predicting the overall reaction of your client base. As your employees all have different opinions on certain things, you can gather valuable data from this small demographic.
  • Breakout rooms – especially when you have a long presentation or discussion, it is important to take a break. To achieve even better results, you can create virtual breakout rooms and invite a few users at a time or divide all of the employees into smaller groups so they could discuss the meeting and share their ideas freely. You can mix up the breakout room groups throughout the meeting to gather different opinions and achieve efficient team building.
  • Invite speakers – with digital conferencing, it is incredibly simple to invite speakers and various professionals from all over the globe. You can host another speaker in the middle of your conference to mix things up, allow your employees to relax a little, and learn something new as well.
  • Incorporate apps – you can either order a specialized app for your company or use an already existing application in your work. With apps, you can create polls easily, incorporate games for team building, send out notifications about video conferences, and more. Having mobile apps will also mean that you do not have to install a computer in a conference room for each employee.

Video conferencing software and equipment continue to improve rapidly, offering numerous solutions for engagement and interactivity. In addition, video call platforms and programs are usually compatible with other software. Even simple screen sharing can go a long way as you can share any videos, documents, images, audio clips, etc. with all video meeting participants.

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