How do the virtual offices help clients to work from anywhere

By Juliet D'cruz

Virtual offices are the new aged digital office spaces that benefit businesses and their employees. The most important benefit is that it connects the business and employees via the internet without needing to be in an actual physical office. This means that a business can carry on its operations from any desired location without the additional costs of setting up physical offices. For the employees who work from a remote location, virtual offices bring a variety of benefits. 

Work-Life Balance

A virtual office in mumbai helps its remote workers achieve a better work-life balance which is an important aspect of modern-day work. People often spend hours commuting to work. A virtual office helps people save on a lot of travel time. This additional time can be utilized to spend time with their families. Increased work-life balance boosts employee morale resulting in increased productivity. 

Improved Productivity

Research shows that remote workers reported the highest rate of productivity in their job as opposed to workers who work from the office all week. Virtual offices help keep the employee’s motivation levels high. A higher motivation level boosts employee productivity. 

Easy Communication

With the advent of the internet, virtual offices provide workers with a range of tools and applications to be connected. Applications like Zoom, Skype, Slack, Facetime make it easier to connect with your employees and clients without physically going to a specific place.

Flexibility and Diversity

A physical office fails to provide its workers the flexibility to work from any location around the world. A virtual office  helps promote diversity within the workforce. A company can now hire from a pool of talent from across the globe. They aren’t restricted to hiring people from a particular location anymore. 

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Virtual Assistance

Previously for any technical or software glitches, the employee had to go to the IT Department physically or the IT department had to visit the concerned person. With the advancement in technology, for any technical or software-related support, the IT department can assist you virtually by taking control of your computer/laptop from anywhere in the world. You need to provide them with an access code and they can access your computer and resolve the issue in a matter of minutes. 

Minimal Hassle, Maximum Control

Relocating to a different location is time-consuming and stressful. A lot of employees aren’t ready for a change in their work location. With a virtual office in  place, the employees are not faced with challenges and disruptions that arise while physically moving to a new office. Virtual offices also guarantee ZERO downtime that arises while actually moving to a new office. If a business decides to expand into new locations, it can seamlessly scale up its operations. 

Professional Front

Working from a home location comes with a lot of challenges. There is a constant disturbance in a household where kids play, the maid cooks, or someone accidentally enters your room while you’re at a Zoom meeting. Your family is expected to behave professionally too while you work from a home environment. A Virtual Office at a coworking space like iKeva helps you and your family have their own space. Working from a remote office will help you be presentable to clients when they come over for a meeting and also be in a professional work environment.  

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