How Are QR Codes Used In Dairy Products?

By Albert Howard

Did you know that dairy products are one of the most discarded food items domestically and internationally? 

Out of the dairy products thrown away, 65% of it consists of fluid milk which costs milk companies up to 6.4 billion dollars annually. 

With the amount of money going down the drain, most dairy companies are determined to upgrade how they design their milk cartons by adding a digital touch on it using cost-effective technology. 

Since QR codes are generated using the best free QR code generator online, dairy companies now have the option to include these 2D codes on their milk cartons. 

Do you want to know how QR codes are used on dairy products? Here are some notable use cases you may encounter today or in the future. 

How are QR codes used by dairy companies today?

Indicate use-by or best-by dates

As modern technology progresses, printed use-by or best-by dates can become a thing of the past, according to research by Cornell University. 

Cornell University doctoral student in food science, Samantha Lau, used QR codes on milk products to indicate.

Throughout her study, 60% of the consumers purchased the milk with QR codes, indicating their interest in the new tech added.

This shows the services that QR codes provide to consumers are highly preferred. 

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Show where the milk is sourced from 

To provide product transparency for the customers, dairy companies use QR codes to redirect them to the product’s origin dairy farm. 

Some companies go as far as attaching personalized information about the cows they got the milk from by displaying the cow’s name when the customer scans the QR code. 

MidWest Dairy uses QR codes to inform customers about how the product is produced, know the practices on the farm, and the livestock conditions involved. 

Put dairy waste disposal information guides

Since most dairy products end up in landfills due to people’s lack of knowledge about the milk they purchase, dairy companies are now addressing this issue using QR codes. 

Most dairy companies are digitizing their dairy waste disposal guides, storing them in a PDF QR code and putting it on the milk carton. 

Through this, customers can quickly scan and secure a copy of the guide to help reduce the number of dairy products going to landfills. 

Brand marketing 

Aside from educating customers on how to handle dairy waste properly, dairy companies also use QR codes to create branded marketing campaigns to boost their sales. 

They can generate their QR codes using a QR software. Using one, they can customize and choose the set of patterns, colors, and eye shapes and add their logo. 

In India, 300 brands use QR codes for marketing their products to customers. The products customers see having QR codes range from commodities to perishable items. 

Dairy products are challenging to sell and keep because of their limited shelf life. If not handled correctly, they might end up in landfills and pollute the earth.

Many producers can use QR codes on dairy products to alert consumers about the best-by or use-by dates and how to properly dispose them.

Have you been planning to digitize your operations? Create a customized dynamic QR code to access unlimited possibilities for your business today.

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