Here Are 5 Eating Habits to Help You Stay Lean and Healthy

By Albert Howard

Staying lean and healthy is a big challenge in today’s fast-paced world because junk food and unhealthy eating habits are dominating the world’s youth. This is becoming a growing concern since most of the population is now suffering from various diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, chronic cardiovascular disorders, and more.

People knowledgeable on food habits strongly believes that the majority of these health conditions stem from what and how we consume our food. Therefore, making the right food choices becomes more and more important as you grow older. And it’s not too difficult. 

There is No Rocket Science to Fitness

One another misconception about a healthy lifestyle is that one has to go the extra mile and adopt different types of difficult diets that only a nutritionist can guide. But, that is not true. 

Achieving lifetime fitness is as simple as:

  1. Eliminating the clutter on your plate
  2. Keeping your diet and eating habits as simple as possible
  3. Being consistent

If you are determined to adopt a healthy living, you can start it from the comfort of your home. Diet plans can help but can be expensive. You may need to spend an arm and leg purchasing groceries to prepare a healthy meal. And most of the time, people can’t stick to their routine because of their limited budget. 

There are two fundamentals of staying lean and fit.

  • An understanding of a balanced diet
  • How you should be consuming your food throughout the day

Many people have a misconception that the road to becoming healthy is tough. However, platforms as such may help you develop the willpower to take control of your fitness destiny more than you can ever imagine. The basic mantra is Eat Fit Fuel which is fuel your fitness with healthy eating habits.  

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5 Habits You Should Adopt to Stay Fit and Healthy

If you are struggling with weight gain, you need to work for your health and wellness. But there’s no need to worry. 

Obesity is a phenomenon that most people suffer from due to a lack of knowledge. They don’t know about good and healthy food. Plus they need to adopt habits to stay fit and healthy. 

  • Start by considering the present food choices you make. 
  • Think about your daily activities. 
  • Compare them with the standards. 

This simple evaluation will help you make minor changes to your everyday life. Below, we have five new habits that can change how you look and feel for the better. 

Consume Your Food Regularly 

Although this may sound counterintuitive, it works. It would help you greatly if you consume your food every two to four hours a day. However, timings can vary for your wellness living. 

Having your meals spread out every couple of hours means you’ll be consuming four to six meals every day. This, in turn, will help you maintain your blood sugar levels in a way where you will not experience any unhealthy cravings or hunger pangs. 

If you eat less all day and have large gaps between meals, you can end up doing more damage than good by eating junk to satisfy your cravings. Staying fuller is the secret behind having a leaner, skinny fit, and healthier body. 

2. Don’t Fill Your Stomach to Its Fullest

In connection to spreading your meal, make sure to eat a little less than what you normally do. If you tend to eat a full dish of spaghetti, try to cut it down to half a dish per meal. 

One way to prevent cravings is to remind yourself that you’ll be having the next week in just two hours, so, you can wait that long.  

If you fill up your belly to its fullest, 

  • You won’t feel the need to eat again and can skip your next meal, which will break the routine.
  • It will make you lazy and force you to take rest rather than go to the gym, which is not a healthy thing  

3. Always Consume Proteins

If you are adamant about seeing changes in your body, having more proteins in your food intake is an important part of that change process. It is ideal for men who consume 30g to 40g of meal every day. In comparison, women should consume 20g to 30g of proteins per day. 

You can add in more proteins by: 

  • Consuming red meat – duck, salmon, or lamb
  • Having lean poultry – turkey or chicken. 

You might be wondering, why you should add more protein intake to your diet. Protein helps you stay fuller for much longer than a piece of bread. 

When we eat chicken or salmon, the body works extra hard to break it down as compared to carbohydrates or fats. And because of the high Thermic Effect of Food, your body will burn more calories and make you lean. 

For gym freaks, a protein diet is crucial. That’s because workouts involve wearing and tearing of muscle tissues. To repair them back, you need to consume more proteins. 

4. Consume More Greens

Your mother may have always made you eat those greens forcefully. That’s something most of us despise, there is a good reason to eat broccoli or any other green veggie. 

For some, eating a salad is never an option, and they are largely avoided. However, if you want a healthy and leaner body, you must add veggies to your plate. 

There are different reasons, and the major one is to provide the body with the essential nutrient. 

  • Vegetables give your body the right vitamins and minerals. 
  • Veggies such as beans, broccoli, spinach, and kale are high in fiber, and once you consume them, you will improve your digestion. 

Last but not least, consuming vegetables will keep your stomach fuller. You won’t be feeling starved. This way, you can avoid stuffing your fridge with junk foods. 

5. Consume Your Carbs At Night or Before Exercise

Lots of people have a misconception about carbs being the devil. However, it is not true; when they are consumed at the right time, they can help you in many ways. 

If you are regularly hitting the gym for some high-intensity workouts, then you must consume carbs before going for your exercise. 

When your muscles break down, they need carbs to create an anabolic effect giving you an energy boost. Furthermore, it aids in muscle recovery and allows you to train for a more extended period of time. 

Suppose you want to achieve greater muscle mass than eating carbs before the gym can help you massively. However, if you do not go to the gym, you must consume your carbs before bedtime. This way, your body will relax and you’ll go into a deep slumber. 


Adopting a healthy lifestyle is all about choices. It is wrong to assume that you must undergo stringent diet plans to achieve your fitness goals. While those diets can help you become leaner or healthier, their effects are not long-term. It would help if you adopted a sustainable lifestyle that comes naturally to you. Hence following the above steps can change how you look and feel over time.

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