Harsh realities about driving under influence (DUI) – Know the consequences

By Albert Howard

When we say DUI, we mean ‘driving under the influence of prescription, non-prescription, or illegal drugs, or alcohol. DUI is one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths on US roads. Can you imagine nearly half of the number of people who were killed in the Twin Towers getting killed every year due to DUI accidents? 

DUI cases are preventable but unless the victim becomes careful about the consequences, things will be repeated time and again. Due to the poor choice of someone, there will be increased numbers of deaths. Hence, it is necessary to stop a friend or a family member from practicing this vice. An eminent DWI lawyer has shared a few harsh truths about drunk driving. 

Little-known facts on drunk driving you should be aware of

If you have been driving your personal car for a long time now, you might still not know everything about drunk driving. Here are a few surprising facts on drunk driving. 

  • In the US, drivers whose age is less than 21 years can’t drive with any amount of alcohol in their body
  • A large number of accidents occur in vehicles apart from cars like jet-skis and snowmobiles
  • An average person who has been arrested for DUI has definitely done the same time at least 80 times before he was first-ever arrested
  • If you have to lower BAC or blood alcohol content, you have to give yourself time as there’s nothing else that can lower this content. Exercise, showers, or even caffeine can’t do it. 
  • Car accidents are one of the biggest reasons behind the deaths of American teenagers

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The hazards of drunk driving

The statistics that are linked with drinking and driving will prove that alcohol has had an adverse impact on road safety for a very long time now. 

Did you know that drinking alcohol can set an impact on your driving abilities simply after a single drink? As against what people believe, the variety or quality of the drink doesn’t matter at all. No matter whether you have wine in wine coolers or you take tequila shots, the impact will be the same on the driver. 

If you have to be safe about alcohol consumption, it should be one drink per hour. Nevertheless, the weight of a person, his metabolism, and several other factors will have an impact on how alcohol will affect him. Hence, the safest option is to book an alternative transport so that you don’t have to drive yourself back home. You can’t forget that sober driving is probably the best way in which you can keep a distance from fatal road accidents. 

Drunk driving is simply one of the results of alcohol addiction. In case you’re someone who is struggling with alcohol addiction, you should get yourself treated. Seek the help of counselors and therapists who can help you with determining your immediate needs. They are the best people to help you get back on track and lead a safe life. 

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