Guide to shaving your head without nicks or irritation:

By Albert Howard

Are you shaving your head for the first time with a Men’s Head Shaver? It might seem to be a bit daunting in the first go. Shaving your head without any bumps, burns, nicks, cuts or redness can be quite a hard thing to achieve, and that too in a first attempt. It takes a bit of patience and practice to get fully comfortable with the process. But, even then, with the Best Razor for Bald Head, you can get a smooth dome even if it’s your first try by following the right steps and taking it slow. To figure out what exactly you should do, just scroll through to get a detailed step-by-step procedure of how to shave your head. Follow along!!

Step 1: Buzz it down: Remove the guard by taking a set of hair clippers. Use the lowest clipper setting as you need to shear off everything before the actual shave with Men’s Head Shaver. While you try to administer the actual razor, the chances of an uncomfortable tugging or pulling hair get higher, if you don’t get it short enough. You can move your non-dominant hand as a scout for the back of your head to make sure that you haven’t missed any spots. Also, you should be aware of the hair that drops from your hairline down your neck. 

Step 2: Wash with warm water: Do you not kick off a shave with warm water cleanse? Yes, you should do the same to your head with a shampoo or a soap. This will not only open the pores and soften your hair but will also relax the skin ensuring the most frictionless shave possible with a Men’s Head Shaver. Also, any hair clippings which might make the Best Razor for Bald Head drag on your skin or clog the razor blade can easily be flushed away. 

Step 3: Oil it up: The skin and hair can be softened and hydrated by the oil underneath your shaving cream. The most important role of the oil is to provide an extra line of defense against the Razor Blade of the Best Razor for Bald Head. If a person has sensitive skin, or runs the risk of razor burn, or ingrown hairs, these extra barriers become especially important. Fewer bumps, nicks, and squeamishness can only be ensured by a less drag, and thus a smoother head. 

Step 4: Choose your Razor: Safety Razor or Cartridge Razor? If you are using a Cartridge Razor for quite some time, you might have observed that finding the right pressure and navigating angles of your head is a bit less stressful. But, safety razors are considered to be the Best Razor for Bald Head as they give you the smoothest shave you can do by yourself from the comfort of your home. Skin irritation can also be minimized with the single ultra-sharp blade of these razors. 

Step 5: Apply Shave Cream: Old school cream and gel work equally well. Just make sure that you spread a consistent, light layer over your entire cranium. In order to ensure that you have got full coverage, you can take the help of a handheld mirror.

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Step 6: Always take it from the top: Just imagine your head to be an apple and start from where the stem would be. You need to shave with the Men’s Head Shaver downward from this spot, with the grain of hair growth and around the dome. Do it in short, steady strokes and never apply too much pressure. Keep the shaver clear of hair by rinsing the blades every few strokes. This helps to pull the skin taut with the help of your free hand, especially in the back of the head as it gathers near the neck. 

Step 7: Soothe your skin: After a shave, the scalp skin also needs to be calmed down, just like your face. Firm up the skin and close the pores by rinsing everything with cold water. After that, you can apply an antiseptic, alcohol-free product. Besides neutralizing any type of bacteria that can invade the pores, irritations and balms can be prevented with a good balm. Also witch hazel or tea tree oil which are natural anti-bacterial ingredients are great options here. You can also use alum blocks to treat cuts or nicks before applying a post-shave product. 

Step 8: Skip all these things and make use of a Men’s Head Shaver: Both foil and rotary Men’s Head Shaver can give you a close enough shave without breaking the surface of your skin even if you are in a rush. They cause less irritation, meaning fewer cuts, bumps, and ingrown hairs. Your skin won’t stay smooth for very long. While reshaping every couple of weeks is required for an electric razor, shaving with an analog razor lasts for a week and is thus considered the Best Razor for Bald Head


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