Features and advantages of mobile teaching applications 

By Juliet D'cruz

With the growing technology and advancements in science, our educational sector has also evolved a lot. Leaving behind the traditional methods of teaching, online education platforms are spreading among educators and learners at a quick pace. Both effective education and innovation go hand in hand with online teaching methods. Special applications are designed for practicing the e-learning process. These applications require an internet facility and networking devices. The best part is that online classes can be carried with the help of mobile applications as well. Let us discuss the advantages of mobile online education applications offered to students and teachers.  

Advantages of mobile teaching applications 

  1. Better utilization of leisure time 

Many students spend a lot of their time playing video games on mobile phones, surfing the internet, using social media profiles, watching series, and much more.  Though these activities are good for entertainment and relaxation, excessive use can be harmful too. But with the technology and growth of online teaching through mobile, students are effectively using their leisure time. Mobile learning apps are coming out to be the best way for learning for several students. Instead of playing video games on mobiles, students can play games related to their education uploaded on the education apps. Also watching educational videos, presentations by the teachers, quizzes, and riddles are very helpful in utilizing the available time of the students. 

  1. Interesting learning techniques 

In traditional learning, modern and advanced teaching aids are not very much available for the students. Whereas online teaching through mobile is very interesting for the learning process. These apps are technology-friendly and help teachers to use technical tools easily. The education here is not limited to textbooks. Teachers can use aids such as PowerPoint presentations, educational videos, picture cards, animations, graphics, short movies, and a lot more content to effectively teach students.  The assessment techniques are also very unique. Instead of long question-answer writing, multiple-choice questions, quizzes, riddles, and attractive worksheets can be designed for the students via mobile education apps. 

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  1. Easy access 

Mobile teaching apps are very simple to use. As compared to other networking devices, smartphones come in the number one position in terms of easy use. The technology of mobile apps for educational purposes has made the lives of teachers and students much better. How to teach online effectively is being achieved by the teachers because of the easy access to education via online mobile learning apps. Students can easily log in and log out of classes this way. Also, the study material is available 24/7. Students can access the learning material anytime and from anywhere they want. This advantage of mobile teaching apps is helping many learners all across the world. Also because of this advantage, students of all age groups can easily learn with the help of mobile educational applications. 

Features to consider while choosing a mobile educational app  

  1. Chat facility: the mobile educational apps are getting popular day by day because of the chat facility. The main thing that people worry about in virtual learning is communication between teachers and students but with the growing technology, educational mobile applications help in resolving this problem. Teachers and students can easily communicate and interact with one another. This feature can be used during the classes as well as after or before the classes. While taking classes, students can easily ask their doubts and queries in the chat box. Also, if students have any doubts after or before the classes, they can ask them in the chat column of the app. 
  2. Live streaming 

Many mobile educational apps are helpful for conducting live streams, sessions for teaching and learning. Real-time interactions between teachers and students will be possible with an app that promotes live streaming of classes. Live classes are beneficial in many ways. Students by seeing the teachers understand better. Also, they can clear their doubts and queries instantly, without any delay and uncertainty. Quality interactions can also be carried. Therefore, teachers and students should select a mobile teaching app that is suitable for live streaming. 

  1. Easy file sharing 

The main feature that every mobile educational app should include is easy file sharing. It will be convenient for both teachers and the students. For online teaching, teachers have to share a lot of data and study material for student learning. The easy sharing feature will help teachers to be quick with this process. Also, the students have to submit worksheets, files, and assessments. This feature will help them as well. How to teach online effectively can be achieved by this feature of mobile educational apps. 


Today, online education is growing at a rapid pace. And the main reason behind this is the development of mobile applications for education. All the above-mentioned are the advantages of using mobile teaching apps for learning. Other than these apps are very cost-effective, help in time-saving, and provide better convenience and comfort to the students. Also, we read about the features that students should keep in mind while selecting the best mobile app for online learning. 

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