Do You Know How To Sell Tickets Online? We Do!

By Juliet D'cruz

Now that you have your event or business all set up, it is time to start thinking about bringing in customers! To do that, you will have to sell them tickets. That is where we come in. Here is how to sell tickets online successfully.

Start With A Ticketing Platform

There are 4 basic pillars to successfully sell tickets online and the first one involves selecting a ticketing platform. A ticketing platform is a place where you build and sell your tickets from. It allows you to design your tickets, monitor sales, check people in, and issue refunds if necessary.

A good ticketing platform will have:

  • Lots and lots of features
  • Event calendars
  • Analytics on attendees
  • A dedicated support team
  • Ability to create discount coupons
  • Unlimited tickets
  • Ticket scanner
  • Revenue control
  • Low fees

Perhaps the most important aspect is the customer support and fees. You want to pick a platform that has no hidden fees and is very upfront and honest about them. You should also choose one that has a great customer support team to help you when it matters most.

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Get A Good Merchant Provider

Merchant accounts are what allow you to process customer payments. They also have fees that are separate from the ticketing platforms. Hence, why you want to choose one with low fees that is able to process a wide range of payments. The more types of payments you are able to accept in more locations, the more tickets you can sell.

Build A Premium Website

Not many people think about the website portion of selling tickets, but it is quite important. The ticketing platform needs somewhere to live, and that somewhere is your website.

Take the time to have a professional build your website so that it is user and SEO-friendly. The easier people can navigate and find your site, the more tickets you will sell.

Market Your Event!

Having a website is not enough. You need to market your event through social media and other platforms in order to attract people to your site to buy the tickets!

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