Dedicated server+GPU Nvidia GeForce 1080 TI equals….

By Albert Howard

Modern servers are used not only for hosting resources but for other purposes. These are mining, 3D modeling., and virtualizations. All operations would be impossible without enough graphics or calculation power reserve. Reach it with the correct choice of graphic processor unit.

How to choose the graphic processor unit

Memory. It is the critical parameter of dedicated server processors. Graphic cards have random access memory. It must contain at least 6 GB to fulfill the gaming, virtualization, or mining requirements.

  • Bandwidth. The memory speed is critical, too, in this case. A graphic card with a quicker memory speed guarantees a more stable performance than the slower one.
  • Power connector. Choose the graphic processor unit compatible with your server connections. Modern cards need more power than PCI slots can provide. Usually, these cards require a 6- or 8-pin external connector. At least ask the operator about the adaptors for that card.
  • TDP. That factor is the most important. The thermal design power shows the quantity of heat a card can generate. Higher TDP reduces the energetic potential of the project despite using recyclable energy.

Welcome NVidia GeForce 1080 TI

NVidia GeForce 1080 TI is the server’s most energy-effective and powerful graphic card. The card works 35% faster than its competitors like the classic 1080. Its developers pulled 11 GB of the GDD5RX memory of the newest generation. Add 11GB per second bandwidth and feel lucky as it opens fresh possibilities for the resource and its users. No more restrictions and stable image quality are under the control of 3584 cores. Cool, I want such a card for my server!

This desire strengthens when noticing the newest cooling system and GPU Boost’s unique technology to increase the speed to more significant values. The graphic processor has a 7-phase power reception system based on 14 transistors. These dual FET units consume less energy at higher rates.

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Top tasks for this server

As a dedicated server with GPU is a premium offer, the providers keep the top-notch and high-performance CPUs to satisfy customers’ hopes. This processor and 1080 TI are ideal combinations because they help to release the most challenging tasks. Just imagine.

The graphics rendering

NVidia positions this card as a choice for the best dedicated servers with gpu. Tests were made on the equipment under 8-core Xeon 3,4 GHz central processor. CPU rendered the test image for 19 minutes. GPU completed the task six times faster. Enthusiasts involved didn’t find the difference between the 2700 and 3500 cores comparing the two cards in contact with the rendering of the V-ray image.

Neural networks

The neural networks help us in different situations. They find the missed people from the camera images, recognize the customers in the shops, and analyze the traffic to regulate the signals. All these skills would be impossible without graphic cards. CPUs process the big data in weeks or months, while the powerful graphic monsters need only hours to complete the result. GeForce 1080 TI simplifies the climate modeling systems, students’ education, or security issues. Thus, all areas where speed makes life.

Virtual desktop infrastructure

Everybody with problems with its PC or server functionality knows the VDI technology. It helps not only when your mouse can’t operate on the laptop and you connect remotely with another one to complete the project but also in the enterprise solutions’ variability.

ArchiCAD, streaming, and specific items need GPU. Using the product from NVidia and premium Intel or AMD CPU fastens these tasks and enables the faster development of any project. The customer’s possibilities are unlimited until the new challenge needs 12 GB of graphic RAM.


One or more GPU GeForce 1080 TI is enough for cryptocurrency mining. That’s a technology released on the blockchain whose task is to validate the transaction blocks in chains using the unique algorithm. Once a powerful dedicated server miners’ team member solves the problem, it gets a piece of the required cryptocurrency as an award. However, the status of cryptocurrencies is still disputable.

Tips for searchers of the solution

Not all servers with a 1080 TI graphic processor are a good idea. Understand that the minimal price for server rental of that configuration is $205, except for temporary discounts. If you see the price lower, that operator is almost dead, or they closed their website for updating.

Some governments strictly operate communications in their countries. For example, China bans cryptocurrency mining and streaming services to protect its propaganda. The Russian regime conflicts with the civilized world. It means there is a risk of falling under the sanctions. So if you’re interested in building the business there – that’s ok. If not – choose a safe location.

The configuration also matters here. Choose the CPU with fewer but speeder cores in pair with this GPU. It needs at least a 2 TB hard disk or 250 GB SSD to run the challenging applications. Unlimited bandwidth on 10 Gbps will be a bonus to the project.

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