Continuing Education General Contractors in Georgia

By Juliet D'cruz

Before bidding for a contracting or trading any construction project, contractors are required to have a valid license in Georgia. For a contractor to get such a license, they are required to undergo training and pass an exam thereafter. 

General contractors are not an exemption from this rule as they are required to pass an exam in Business and Law. RocketCert offers leading Georgia Contractor Continuing Education packages to ensure contractors that come to us have a simple time both in acquiring their licenses and during renewal.

After two years, licenses expire and contractors are mandated to undergo 8 hours of continuing education. We have taken the time to assemble the requirements for license renewal and present them in a self-paced format. Contractors can access the materials from their devices remotely, adding hours to their profile and getting their licenses renewed.

Continuing Education For General Contractors

Choose to Work with RockCert in acquiring your continuing education for a general contractor license. We offer the best exam package, ensuring you pass your test by the first attempt. Besides, our no pass no pays policy is available for this package. You can take pride in our services on your journey to getting your license renewed.

Scope of Work Under General Contractor’s License

Contractors holding this license are limited to the type of projects they can undertake because of financial limitations. However, they can take low voltage contracting, electrical, plumbing, utility, and conditioned air contracting. Whenever they successfully bid for a project, they are mandated by law to complete their work. They can work on private, public, industrial, and institutional buildings under the express agreement of an owner.

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Requirements to Getting a General Contractor License

Undertake and pass exams in business and law as approved by the state of Georgia

Prove experience of 1 year for degree holders in construction management, engineering, and architecture

Prove four years of working experience if you do not have a bachelor’s degree

All applicants should submit a project in which they had an oversight role from start to completion and it should be within 5 years. The submission should be to support your practical experience.

The applications should get liability insurance with a minimum value of $500,000 per project and it should be signed and approved

Scope of Exam to Get a General Contractors’ License

  • Number of Questions: 115
  • Minimum Score: 81
  • Time: 330 minutes

Topics Covered: Site construction, Electrical systems, plumbing systems, masonry, Wood, Concrete, metals, Windows, Glazing, procurement, Doors, moisture protection, and contracting requirements.

Business Law and Law Exam

  • Open book
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Total questions: 50
  • Pass mark: 35 correct questions

Topics Covered: Labor Laws, Lien Law, Business Organization, Financial Management, Bidding and Estimation, Taw Law, Risk Management, and Environmental safety.

Tips to Passing the Exam

Passing the general contractors’ exam requires adequate preparation. We offer you the open book required and access to our collection of references permitted by the state of Georgia. 

However, during the exam, you may not access our online course. Prepping for the exams includes covering plan reading, Math, and guides covering key topics as stipulated, a test simulation, and unlimited practice questions and attempts.

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