Buying or Selling Property in Hamilton? Here’s How to Give it a New Look for Less

By Berry Mathew

If you’re about to list your Hamilton home for sale, you are likely considering whether to invest money in home improvements to help you sell it faster and for a higher price. If, on the other hand, you’re looking to buy a home in Hamilton, you might consider buying a home that needs a little work and has potential; however, you don’t have the budget for a significant renovation.

Always seek the advice of experienced, licensed professionals, like real estate agents, home inspectors and real estate lawyers in Hamilton, before making any large decisions that can impact the value of your home or its sellability. You may think that you’re increasing the value of your home to find out later it didn’t move the needle on the selling price and cost you money unnecessarily.

According to RE/MAX’s latest Canada-wide poll of their agents, the renovations that earned the highest ROIs on homes sold in Hamilton were (no surprise here) new flooring, kitchen remodels and new paint.

The following tips can give your home a new look at a low cost, giving you the best of both worlds.


There are almost an infinite number of ways to transform the look of a space with a few gallons of paint. 

From painting over the scuffs and stains and freshening up your current paint to completely re-painting your walls with a new colour to adding a bold design element to a room, like an accent wall or painting the floor in a pattern, the good news is, painting your home is one of the most cost-efficient and low-effort renovations that deliver impact.

If you don’t want to paint your entire home, go with common areas like the kitchen where people hang out, the entranceway, as it gives people a good first impression of your home or a hallway to make it appear larger, for example. 

Freshening Up in the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a haven for dirt, mould and germs, and over time, they can ruin the look of a bathroom, which is terrible in general, but more so if you’re selling your home.

One of the biggest culprits are old, dingy fixtures, as they get a lot of usage by people with wet hands. And because people do have to touch them, they get noticed.

Fortunately, bathroom fixtures are a relatively easy and low-cost fix. Start by replacing the doorknob. Doorknobs need to be changed as soon as they get dated or permanently stained. 

Cleaning the grout on a tile floor makes it completely new. You can buy grout cleaner and add sealer after cleaning your floor to keep it protected and looking clean for longer.

Replacing an old toilet seat is also something that people often forget to do that stands out like a sore thumb if it’s outdated, broken or dirty.

Finally, shower curtains are also magnets for dirt and mould, thanks to their constant exposure to water. Consider replacing old shower curtains with curved shower rods. They have a more modern look and create more space in the shower.