Brief introduction to uses of phone mic

By Juliet D'cruz

What is an external microphonefor phone?

First of all, yes, it’s clear that every phone has a built-in microphone. A microphone that captures audio when shooting video is the same microphone that sends audio during a call and receives commands from voice activation features

However, these mikes are primarily designed to capture a single object speaking at close range, so they can be used to record clear audio outdoors, far away, or in noisy environmentsis not suitable. The built-in phone microphone is suitable for most everyday features, but not for capturing professional sound effects in videos and podcasts.

This is where the external SYNCO mic forphone comes in. As the name suggests, these microphones are installed outside the phone not inside the factory. Connecting an external microphone will increase the phone’s profile, but as a trade-off, you can record better audio for various purposes.

Gun microphone

No matter where you point the microphone, shotgun SYNCO phone microphones such as SYNCOU1use cardioid polar patterns to pick up sound. Directional audio is clearer and more accurate than the phone’s built-in microphones, but the added benefit is that these microphones can eliminate background noise, making them ideal for use in noisy environments.

Lightning adapter

Older phone models use the traditional 3.5mm headphone port, but phone 7 and later models prioritize Bluetooth and Lightning connections to avoid these inputs. This makes external microphones like SYNCO that rely on 3.5 mm connections seem outdated, but there is a solution to this problem.

For example, you can use the SYNCO adapter to make your phone compatible with an external microphone using the 3.5 mm TRRS jack. The cable connects to the Lightning port on your phone, and the microphone connects to the connected TRRS jack. After setting up the adapters, you can now use an external microphone on phonemodels that don’t support them.

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Another way to capture audio is with a SYNCOwireless mic for phone. This external phone micis clipped directly to the subject’s clothing and captures only the subject’s speech. Love Mike is very suitable for dubbing, conversations and live presentations. Basic external microphone is a SYNCO microphone for phone that can be connected directly to the Lightning port. That is, you don’t need an adapter to use it.

Record on phone and other devices

If you use a dedicated external recording mic for phoneto shoot videos on your phone, you may also need some additional accessories to further improve the quality of your creation. The handheld stabilizer is particularly important for increasing the weight of the microphone and stabilizing the frame. The LED light is very useful when shooting in dark places.

In addition, just because your phone has a microphone doesn’t mean you can only shoot with your smartphone. All thephone external microphones are also compatible with other iOS devices that use the Lightning port, such as iPad. In addition the external mic for phone video recordinghas a variety of USB-C external microphones compatible with Android smartphones and devices.

Record audio on your phone with an external microphone

Adding an external microphone is the most important way to improve the sound quality captured on the phone. So if you really want to provide top-notch audio for your video or recording, you need to invest in the best microphone for your recording.

First, you need to choose the external microphone for phone that suits you. This means that you need a lightning connector for use with the latest phones, and a USB-C port to work with the latest Android phones. The cost of a microphone is usually a good indicator of its quality, but other factors can also have an impact. In addition to checking the price tags that may be purchased, check their frequency response (range of audible sound) and sample rate (fidelity of captured audio).

If your main intention is to preserve the sound from your speakers like podcast mic for phone, look for directional microphones, sometimes called shotgun mic for phones. You can literally point this type of recorder at a sound source and extract the sound into a pocket. If you’re recording a larger area, like shooting a movie or recording the voices of a crowd, you don’t really need a directional microphone.

External microphone for video vlog

The most important thing in a video vlog is a good microphone. The camera is in second place. After all, if they can’t hear your voice clearly, no one will follow you, so this is an important step towards becoming a successful video vlogger the better the audio quality of your videos the better it attracts the viewers.

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