Best financial planner software for solopreneurs

By Albert Howard

Offering your clients the best outcome for their money is the goal of all financial planners. As a solopreneur your business can grow faster with a tool that automatically and accurately matches client information with products, allows instant access to all client information, and takes care of time consuming administration.

Advice intelligence financial planner software

The ai financial planner software offers solopreneurs all the tools they need to streamline their services and build and maintain strong relationships with clients. From the initial meeting, your client is more easily engaged. Online, interactive information gathering and automated end to end procedure management keeps the client involved and lets you spend more time on your core business.  

One easily accessed location 

Automatically collate cashflow, net wealth, statements of advice (SaAs), portfolio balances and services with ai financial planner software and let the package weave your client’s financial story. The programme then sources the best products to help the client achieve their goals. Your role remains simply to provide this advice to the client.

The information is centralised and visually presented with automatically generated graphs and reports. The financial planner software will continually update the product information, provide product comparisons, and use interactive modelling to create scenarios based on the clients own financial story. You and the client can chat about their needs and their account from any location with the same information accessed from your devices on the Wealth App. 

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Client relationship

The Wealth App offers an interactive modelling feature that provides an engaging and easily followed comparison of products, automatic report generation and real time, accurate modelling of future situations that clearly demonstrates to the client how your advice can benefit them. The modelling includes insurance events and stress tests to provide a visual and real-life picture of what they need from their finances. Clients can better understand the advice and relate to the possibilities laid before them through the interactive modelling. 

CRM integration

The ai financial planner software securely stores all client information within the package in an inbuilt Customer Relationship Management platform. This includes all documentation, file notes, fees, and records of meetings plus scenarios that have been automatically modelled based on the client information. The information is fully integrated into the client’s profile and products are recommended based on this knowledge, including superannuation and investment opportunities that match their profile. 

Compliance and analysis

Once your client’s portfolio has been established, the ai financial planner software continues to offer quality features. Automatically updated reporting and analysis of the performance of the client’s investments, and snapshots of their financial picture are available and accessible to the client from their own device. For the solopreneur, the software also gives you peace of mind that all advice is reviewed and audited for compliance. 

To find out why ai financial planner software is the best product for you as a solopreneur, book a demo now, and see how ai can give you more time to grow your business while still providing your clients with dedicated and personalised service. 

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