Best Bitcoin Faucets for 2022. Which Penny Coins Will Explode This Year?

By Juliet D'cruz

You might have known that Bitcoin has already turned some early investors into millionaires. However, now, Bitcoin has grown in price significantly. Now, investing into it still might be a lucrative option, however, the entry level is now pretty high for those who are just starting their way in an investment career.

It is not too late though to invest. However, Bitcoin might be not the most optimal choice even now when its value continues to grow. You can choose one of those penny coins that will explode 2022

Here is the list of those coins that can become the best Bitcoin in the future.

Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu projects with its SHIB cryptocurrency has made a lot of waves in the cryptocurrency market. After the project launch in August 2020, this dog-themed token has grown in value from $0.000000000157 per coin to its all time high of $0.00008845 in November 2021.

Even though since then, the SHIB value has dropped, the enthusiasm around the coin doesn’t wane. The project develops actively and plans to launch its own DeX and a wallet. These additional ventures will help the project to move on further.


VeChain is another project that is worth your attention. This project solves efficiently the problems that the traditional supply chain has. Now, VeChain is among the top 50 coins based on the market cap. It is likely that in the future, the project will develop, and the coin will grow in value.


Stellar is among the most promising cryptocurrency projects that aims to solve issues traditional payment systems face. Stellar offers super fast transactions. For now, Stellar is creating one of the fastest and the most efficient payment systems in the world. 

Even though Stellar has been performing modestly, it is pretty promising in the matter of long-term investment.


Cardano is another project that attracts the attention of the most demanding investors. This is one of the leading projects for development of Decentralized Applications. The project was launched in 2017. Since then, its price has been fluctuating but it has been constantly in the top 10 coins. For sure, it is a promising investment option.


The Hedera network with its native coin HBAR. It allows the development of Decentralized Applications. It runs on a hashgraph consensus mechanism that allows the network to solve such issues as stability and slow performance. 

The network also allows the development of smart contracts. It makes the Hedera network an efficient competitor of the Ethereum network.

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Where Can You Purchase the Penny Cryptocurrencies?

You can buy these cryptocurrencies anytime on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges. If you choose an instant exchange such as LetsExchange, you can get any of the coins without registration and limitations.

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Another Option to Earn Crypto

If you believe that spending money on purchasing some coins is too much risk for you, try getting crypto by using the best Bitcoin faucets. You can earn cryptocurrency just by watching videos, checking advertisements,  solving captchas, and similar. No money is required, just some of your time, and that’s it. You might not earn a lot, but as long as it is for free, you might want to try. 

The best Bitcoin faucets are the following:

FreeBitcoin – it is one of the oldest faucets. There, along with watching ads, you can roll the dice and see how much additional coins you can earn.

DailyFreeBits is another faucet that lets you earn indeed. You need only a wallet to receive the earned funds. 

Coinpayu is one more faucet where you can earn by viewing ads. Also, you can complete the surveys, and perform other activities, even join an affiliate program.

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