Benefits of giving personalized t-shirt to anyone.

By Juliet D'cruz



There is not a single program today that does not appear on social media. These are not just personal moments – your employees also use social media to share photos of corporate events, team lunches, or leisurely Fridays at work. Imagine all your employees wearing custom t-shirts with your company logo in one of these pictures. Are you thinking what we are thinking?

When your employees proudly post these photos on their Facebook and Instagram profiles, it doesn’t take a degree in rocket science to figure out how such customized T-shirts affect your employer’s brand. But, not only that – gifting your employees good quality customized T-shirts can bring many other benefits to your organization. Let’s take a look at them!


Benefits of Giving Custom T-Shirts to Your Employees


  1. Increase employee motivation


By giving away free samples of your t-shirts, you set up a reward system that employees look forward to. It is a common belief that in addition to the financial benefits, the ‘gifts’ that employees receive help build a relationship between them and the organization, and therefore, a highly engaged and motivated workforce. An motivated employee is far more productive, and will go the extra mile to achieve organizational goals.  

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  1. Free brand advertising


To successfully carry out a brand awareness campaign, you need to hire a team of expert, well-trained professionals to create a brand and then some more for the costs involved in rolling the hair.  Money needs to be invested.

With custom t-shirts, it can be done for free. Just give your employees custom t-shirts emblazoned with your company logo, and you have a mobile brand awareness resource on your own.


  1. Creates more ‘bonds’ between employees.


Planning some team building activities for your next office site? Planning to surprise the employee with a birthday party?  Promoting social purpose?


All of these events can be used to gift your employees custom t-shirts and create a sense of cooperation between them. Also, imagine all these pictures on social media – you will be in the headlines for the culture of the winning company!


How can you make sure your employees like custom t-shirts!


The Personalized T-shirt you give to your employees represents your brand.  Poor quality custom-made T-shirts can have a detrimental effect on your employees, and make them feel unwanted. If you decide to gift t-shirts, make sure your employees love them!


  1. Choose the right fabric:


How do you decide if a t-shirt is good or bad?  Obviously, check out the clothes!  The same is true when you choose to give your employees custom T-shirts. No one wants to wear a t-shirt that is uncomfortable, or doesn’t last a week!


  1. Focus on completing the design:


Fixing the fabric is the first step in this process – appearance is more important!  This will depend entirely on the purpose of gifting the T-shirts to your employees as required. It could be something to wear to a special corporate event, to an annual office, or to a relaxing Friday for team members.




Giving your employees good quality customized T-shirts not only creates a great brand image for your company but also helps build a relationship between employees and the organization. It gives them a solid reassurance that they belong to the organization, and encourages them to contribute to the development of the organization.