Are inverted bobs Still in Style in this year?

By Juliet D'cruz

This is the haircut that flatters any face and will be a trend in 2022

The bob haircuts continue to dominate the 2022 hair trends but always with the personal touch and choosing those cuts you better go according to your face. Some will have bangs, asymmetries, some layers, and in 2022 it will be reversed not only to refresh and show us its infinite nuances but to adapt to the shape of your face and your style. This is the haircut that flatters any face and that will also be a trend in 2022.

The bob haircut will undoubtedly be the one that will be the trend in 2022 and favors any type of face. If you decide on him to release this new year, we will tell you which are the bob and midi haircuts that most favor according to the shape of your face and of course also the texture of your hair.

  •         If you have a round face,you will need to look for a flattering cut that lengthens the face, always avoiding a cut at the level of the cheekbones. The most recommended for this type of face is a haircut below the chin with long layers.
  •         For faces or elongated faces,nothing likes choosing a cut to reduce the feeling of length, which is not straight, and trying to achieve volume on the sides with layers.
  •         If your face is oval,you can opt for any type of length or any bob cut since it is a face with balanced proportions. Whether asymmetrical or straight, midi or longer or if you also add a lopsided fringe, you will be sure to hit the mark.
  •         If you have a square face,an asymmetrical bob that reaches below the chin will suit you very well. That is, a longer cut in the front than in the back so that it lengthens the face.
  •         And for heart-shaped faces,a long bob trying to gain volume to balance features at the ends, specifically in inner layers, will be one of your best choices.

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Another factor to take into account is your hair type and its texture when choosing your bob haircut.

If your hair is thick, opt for a short bob that is worn throughout the hair, specifically running from the temple to the nape of the neck, ideal for hair with a lighter effect if you don’t want it so short, asymmetrical bob with loose, textured, and less polished layers will also be perfect for thick hair.

Curly hair is perfect with a bob that sets the natural waves of the curl or an asymmetrical weathered cut, always keeping in mind the level of volume and movement of the curl.

And if your hair is fine, a straight bob or with long layers to achieve more volume, texture, and density, it would become the most suitable cut.


The long inverted bob hairstyles adapts very well to the girls with a round face but favors all types of faces. “One of the novelties for 2022 is that in it the ends worked with a brush are recovered inwards and a very soft.


We agree that it is a risky gamble, but when it works, it is perfect. Curls are not afraid of anything, bobs are not afraid of anything, and when they come together we are very happy with our look. “Bobs come in all their formats and of course bobs with bangs with curly hair. They do not favor everyone because if you need volume at the top of the head they are not for you, but you can always choose it without bangs because nobody beats this cut with freshness.


The straight cuts similar to the one Victoria Beckham or POB (Posh + bob) wore and have also worn with her particular version of the polished and inverted bob, this year are coming with force. And it is that the polished and inverted bob defends the neat, well-defined vertical lines and the straight contours.

“The perfectly smoothed bob, especially divided in two with the parting in the middle, surprises us with its presence between delicate and strong. Perfect for the smoothest hair with nothing more to add than a contemporary look and if there is room for an adornment.

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