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Its never too late to get your scheduling done with our Amazing Charts Software.

It’s critical to know what to expect when you begin the process of switching your EHR. It might assist you in planning and gaining confidence in your decision. Amazing Charts EMR is an electronic health records (EHR) system that caters to independent practitioners’ needs. Users of the software may utilize Amazing Charts Software to manage scheduling, e-prescribing, coding, and interoffice messaging, among other things. For clinical documentation and financial management workflow, Amazing Charts offers a practice management (PM) solution that interfaces with the EHR.

 Practices may manage the whole patient visit with a single system thanks to the built-in billing and revenue cycle management module. Amazing Charts EHR is also a beneficial Use certified EHR, as well as Dragon Naturally Speaking and the Surescripts e-prescription network certified. Amazing Charts compiles all pertinent information on a single screen, much like a paper chart, allowing users to navigate through patient details, previous visits, summary sheets, and account information.


Some of the reviews by several practitioners:

Their EHR provider is discontinuing the product and will no longer provide support.Amazing Charts isn’t going anywhere. FindEMR has a good financial position and follows the “Bringing back care to healthcare” principle, which means it does not sell businesses it buys. Clients that are a part of the FindEMR family can also benefit from the “Software for Life” idea. Clients will receive the same level of service, support, and long-term technology protection regardless of which option they pick.Their EHR isn’t certified to suit the demands of the practise (CMS, MIPS, MACRA).

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Amazing Charts EHR is up to date on Meaningful Use certifications and delivers resources on a regular basis to satisfy these CMS criteria, so it’s a solution you can trust.Their EHR is inconvenient to use and wastes time and money.

Some EHRs are incompatible with a practice’s workflow and are too time-consuming to use rapidly, causing physicians, nurses, and other office personnel to spend more time in front of a computer screen than with patients. Amazing Charts HER employs a SOAP note style and looks like a paper chart, allowing you to see more patients throughout the day with fewer clicks. Their electronic health record (EHR) does not have a billing feature.

A private practise, as previously said, is a small company. If your EHR is unable to successfully manage the financial aspects of healthcare, you will be at a severe disadvantage, wasting time and losing income. Make certain you are compensated for your efforts!


Physician burnout is a quiet pandemic that is progressively growing throughout the medical community. While we may hear accounts of celebrity sportsmen or movie stars claiming they need a vacation because they are worn out, none may have the same life-or-death implications as the physician. Stress is combated by today’s doctors in a variety of ways. To cover their administrative costs, pay high malpractice insurance premiums, and yet earn a profit, they need to see a lot of patients. Insurance companies want mountains of paperwork to prove and substantiate claims, and they appear to oppose the doctor’s medical decisions at every turn. With additional laws mandating enhanced chronic care management, patient engagement standards, and deadline changes to the Promoting Interoperability (PI) Program, the government has added even more layers of stress, all in the name of fast moving to a value-based healthcare system. All of this is enough to cause physician burnout in and of itself, as doctors spend increasing amounts of time in the office in order to keep the practise solvent while still providing high-quality treatment. It’s inconceivable to envision being able to take any type of break to replenish their bodily and mental well-being. The office can now track the physician nearly anywhere on the planet thanks to electronic technologies and digital gadgets. Modifications to the daily routine are made instead of preserving a good work-life balance, frequently at the price of precious family time, vacation days, personal health, and even emotional well-being. The Medscape National Physician Burnout, Depression, and Suicide Report 2019 contains alarming facts concerning the consequences of elevated stress levels. In a poll of nearly 15,000 doctors from 29 specialities, 44 percent said they were burned out. 11 percent had depressive symptoms, with 4 percent being labelled as clinically depressed.


Although technology is now being blamed for causing physician burnout, it also has the potential to help restore the work-life balance by assisting in the organisation, analysis, and management of the practise. Every day, new technological advancements enable doctors understand that they may cut their paperwork and overhead time, allowing them to focus more on providing high-quality patient care. Using a more text-based EHR like Amazing Charts, as well as charting with dictation software like Dragon, practitioners may now considerably reduce the time it takes to write encounter notes while still adhering to the standards and regulations necessary to optimise billing.

Streamline Your Billing Process:

Allow an electronic Revenue Cycle Management solution to take care of your patient billing. Your clinic may see an increase in collections, a larger percentage of claims paid on the first submission, and a shorter time to payment from payers and patients.

Amazing Charts EHR:

EHRs are now more important than ever for effective practise management, but they don’t have to add to the burden. Look for an EHR system that has a lot of straightforward menus, one-click access, and a lot of templates so you don’t have to enter the same data again and over.



Cost. It’s simple to teach new staff and how to use it. It’s possible to run it on a local server. The flow of the chart is excellent.


There is nothing bad to say about the programme. However, since being bought out, the guardian angel support has lost its magic. We don’t require help until there are issues with licences, but support is lacking.

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