After an Accident: 6 Reasons to Call a Lawyer in a DUI Case

After an Accident: 6 Reasons to Call a Lawyer in a DUI Case

Have you ever been stuck in a case where you got caught while driving under the influence? Or have you ever committed an accident while driving after drinking? In simple terms, these types of cases are called DUI cases. According to the law, driving under the influence is illegal in each and every state. 

But somehow, if you get stuck in a situation where you have committed an accident while driving under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, then you must be prepared for a long route ahead. 

It is emphasised by DUI lawyers in Dover that any state’s government doesn’t take these cases lightly and can make you suffer. But don’t worry! To minimise your punishment or to make your side of the case solid, you can hire an attorney. 

Are you thinking about what can a DUI attorney can do for you? Or why should you need to hire a DUI attorney? Then you have come to the right place. In this article, we have jotted down all the reasons to call a lawyer in a DUI case.

Let’s jump into the article to know more about the working of DUI lawyers and the reasons to hire them.

Why Calling a Lawyer in a DUI Case Is A Must

1. Avoid Urinalysis Testing

When you get caught in a DUI case, there will be punishments that would be expensive and burdensome. Let’s say random urinalysis testing. When a driver gets caught while driving under the influence, urinalysis testing is one way to ensure the case. And once they are sure about the case, your driving license can be canceled permanently or even for a short period. 

To get your license retained, you might face random urinalysis testing. So the justice system is sure you won’t be driving again while drinking. This type of punishment can be expensive and burdensome as you need to pay heavy rents of transportation and testing fees several times a month. 

So, by hiring a DUI lawyer, you can have the advantage of avoiding these tests. A DUI lawyer can reduce this penalty and enable you to live a normal life. Without hiring a DUI attorney, you will never be able to avoid these testing sessions. 

2. Save Your Reputation 

If you do not handle your DUI case wisely, it can become a criminal record. Having your name on the criminal record can be full of embarrassment and can affect your employment as well. 

Let’s say you a seeking a high-potential job. After an interview, they find you good enough for the desired post. But when they check your details and background, they will find your name on the criminal record. Hence, you will lose the opportunity of having a good job. 

Having your name on the criminal record can also affect your current employment. You may get fired or might have to pay heavy fines. To avoid these kinds of situations, it is vital to hire a good DUI lawyer. 

A good DUI lawyer will do his best to minimize the chances of having a criminal record. You may also need to serve community service or pay a heavy fine to keep your name away from any criminal record. And this is only possible with the help of a good and well-experienced DUI lawyer. 

3. Save Your Driving License

As soon as your get caught in a DUI case, your license will be restricted immediately till any further order. You won’t be able to drive until the justice system retains your license. It can be imposed for a full year or until all the court procedures. Your license can be permanently canceled if you are found guilty in a DUI case. 

To avoid these kinds of situations and to have a normal routine life, you must hire one of the best DUI attorneys. The DUI lawyers can able to minimize your penalty. So that you can have your license back as soon as possible. 

4. Save Your Peace of Mind

Having indulged in a DUI case can be somehow stressful and disturbing. It can also disturb your daily life. A well-experienced DUI lawyer can provide peace of mind and make you feel more confident in your case. 

When you know a person can make your case strong in a legal manner, it is definitely a relief. So make sure to hire a DUI attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to make you stress-free by making your case solid. 

5. Avoid Checking Devices in your Vehicle

After you have gone through the DUI case, the justice system will enforce the ignition interlock device in your vehicle. This will check your breathing every time you want to start your car. You can only start the engine after blowing into the ignition interlock device. 

This device can be a source of embarrassment for you and even make your passengers uncomfortable. Suppose you are a taxi driver. An ignition interlock device in your taxi will make your passengers feel uncomfortable and unsafe. 

Moreover, it is your responsibility to purchase this device and install it, which can be huge damage to your pocket. But don’t worry! A DUI lawyer can able to reduce your case punishments. So this requirement can be avoided or may be minimized. 

6. Reduce Probation

Despite all the advantages you get by having a DUI lawyer, it is illegal to drink and drive. According to the research, driving with an alcohol content of 0.08 or higher in your blood is highly risky. You can be severely punished if you somehow commit an accident or get caught while driving under the influence. 

If you are found guilty in a DUI case, then like any other criminal case, you need to report for probation for at least 3 months. This time would vary according to your state. Having probation is somehow embarrassing. So, to get rid of this embarrassment, you should hire a DUI attorney.

A DUI attorney can negotiate the term and can reduce your charges. In this way, you will be saved from the hassle of probation. 

Taking Away!

In any condition, driving under the influence is illegal in every state. So you must try not to drive after taking drugs or alcohol. You can opt for any cab or driver to return home after drinking. But if you somehow hit your car after drinking, you are definitely under the DUI charge. 

These charges can be reduced by hiring a well-experienced and knowledgeable DUI lawyer. So make sure to hire the one as soon as you commit an accident. 

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