A to Z about North Carolina Contractor Exam Preparation

By Juliet D'cruz

There are several factors you have to consider while preparing for the North Carolina Contractor Exam Prep. Established in 1925, North Carolina Licensing Board for General Contractors is sketched for the safety, property, and health of contractors and their families. 

A contractor license is a requirement in North Carolina for projects offered more than $30,000. So, you have to work hard to crack the contractor exam and earn your contractor license in North Carolina. If your exam date is scheduled, you have to put in the effort from now on as you have to crack the business and law exam along with your industry-specific exam.

As a contractor, you have to perform multiple tasks, including constructing uptown homes, renovation work, or several commercial projects too. Below mentioned steps help you a lot with the exam preparation.

Correct knowledge of the syllabus is required…

Doing and knowing your work on-site is quite different from the knowledge of the syllabus of the exam. On-site work can be done through experience, but proper knowledge of concepts is required for the exam. The syllabus has been framed by considering several factors of the job. 

You should know about evaluating costs, ethics, knowledge about North Carolina Building Code, concerns, and responsibilities of contracting business. You don’t have to learn anything or everything, instead, you have to work smart and learn whatever is required. 

Correct knowledge of the syllabus is very important for the North Carolina Exam Prep. 

The exam authority of the North Carolina Contractor exam is the North Association of State Contractor Licensing Agencies(NASCLA). Below mentioned steps help you a lot with the exam preparation. 

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Factors to consider while preparing for the exam…

Don’t think that the contractor exam is a bed of roses and reach into your exam hall blindfolded. Once you get the application for your exam, immediately start preparing for the exam.

Refer to the relatable books and not read anything or everything. Instead, learn whatever is required. For this, you have to choose the correct reference books. Once you are done with your preparation, go through the sample online tests on the internet and other sources. It does add value to your preparation.

You have to score at least 70 percent or more than seventy percent to crack the exam. So, you must have to work hard to achieve the percentage. Moreover, it is an open book exam, so you can take the good reference books for the exam hall. For this, you must know of good reference books. 

After the exam…

The North Carolina Contractor Exam is computer-based. After cracking the exam, it takes about two to three weeks to get the license in your hand. Moreover, you have to renew your license once a year in North Carolina.

It does not stop there. The state bids eight hours of continuing education to the contractors. This is for your growth on-site. Two hours are generally reserved for rules and regulations or other changes in the laws of general contracting. Six hours are reserved for the other elective courses provided by the board.

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