A Look at The Citi Premier Card Benefits

By Charlotte Miller

If you have been shopping around for a new rewards credit card, this is going to be the card review that could change the outcome of your search. The Citi Premier card has a ton of benefits that do not require years to accrue.

After using your card for $1,500 in transactions within three months of creating your account, earn 20,000 extra points that may be redeemed for $200 in thankyou.com gift cards.

Additionally, until June 30, 2024, save $5 on hotels, car rentals, and attraction reservations made through the Citi TravelSM platform and receive 5 points for every $1 spent.

For fifteen months from the first transfer date and purchases made after the account establishment date, there is a 0% introductory annual percentage rate. After that, depending on your creditworthiness, the variable APR will range from 18.74% to 28.74%.

If a balance transfer is made within the first four months after opening an account, there is an initial balance transfer charge of 3% of every transfer (minimum $5). You will thereafter be charged 5% of each transfer, with a $5 minimum cost.

Get one time the points after earning 2X ThankYou® Credits at groceries and petrol pumps for the initial $6,000 in a year. Get one-time points on all subsequent purchases.

The only charge card that regularly rounds up every transaction to the closest 10 points—without a cap—is the card. The best part of the Citi Premier® Card review is getting to take a look at the annual cost: that’s a flat and simple 0 dollars.

Bonus for new customers: After spending $1,500 on card purchases within three months of starting your account, earn 20,000 additional points that may be redeemed for $200 in thankyou.com gift cards.

Rewarding: Every $1 spent at grocers and petrol stations earns you two points (

(for the first six grand spent annually). For every $1 spent on any other purchases, earn 1 point.

10% of the initial 100,000 credits redeemed annually in points are returned. With each purchase, rewards are rounded to the closest ten points. Hence, you receive 10 points rather than 4 if you purchase a four-dollar cup of coffee.

Options for redemption:  Points can be redeemed for trips, gift cards, and perhaps bill credits (for qualified purchases in specific categories). Using the “Shop Using Points” option, you may now utilize your points to make online purchases at participating retailers.

However, point values differ greatly based on your selection. Additionally, you may transfer the points you earn to Wyndham and JetBlue reward clubs. This may not be the greatest use of your points, though, unless you can discover a good price on reward redemptions.

For instance, you will receive 800 JetBlue points, or 8 cents, for every 1,000 points you earn on this card. A single point will be worth 0.5 cents when redeemed for a statement credit.

APR: APR is 0% for the first 15 months after the date of the first transfer for balance transfers and 0% on purchases made after the account is opened. The variable APR will then be.

The variable APR will then range from 18.74% to 28.74%, depending on your creditworthiness, after that. 3% is the foreign transaction cost. The initial balance transfer cost is 3% of any transfer, with a minimum of $5, that is made within the first four months after opening an account. After that, the fee is 5% annual.

Consequences and limitations

Low incentive rate and intricate regulations

Your capacity to earn rewards will most likely be limited by the card. Many households—especially bigger ones—will spend more than the annual maximum of $6,000 on food and petrol.

Furthermore, although intriguing, the card’s roundup function works best on tiny, infrequent transactions; even then, you’ll need to do the math to figure out just how much you are saving upfront. If you have a credit card that gets a basic 1.5% back on everything, you are better off than fussing about spending limitations, tiered bonus categories, and rounded-up rewards.

Changing the point value

There are several redemption possibilities available with the card, but not all of them are the same. Furthermore, there arenot many cards with no annual fees that provide any form of point transfer for airline partners, but your card has a constrained variety and value.

Fee for overseas transactions

The card will be expensive to use abroad due to the 3% foreign transaction (click here to know more about it) charge.

Adaptable, hassle-free incentives

On every transaction, you’ll receive a flat percentage of 2% back: 1% during the buy and 1% whenever you pay. There are no spending limits, bonus categories, or rounded-up prizes to

There are no spending limits, bonus categories, or rounded-up prizes to remember. Annual cost: $0.