A Complete Guide To Fix iPhone Frozen

By Juliet D'cruz

Apart from being the most remarkable smartphone amongst the entire market, the iPhone shows significant issues and problems. These issues can cause disruptions, thereby interrupting your seamless usage.

In this article, we will discuss how to fix an iPhone when certain technical issues show up like – what would you do if you find your iPhone frozen? There also might be times when all of a sudden, some buggy applications or viruses penetrate your device and make your iPhone screen frozen. Here we will provide you with the easiest solutions to get your iPhone fixed within seconds. 

Latest iPhone and Operating System Releases

Apple is ever flourishing while they don’t ever seem to pause introducing the best smartphones amongst the lot. As times have progressed, Apple has nurtured and evolved a lot to develop the smoothest and finest designs for iPhones. Apple has introduced iPhone 13 with a sleek and smooth design that outsmarts every other design in this competitive market of smartphones. Updates are so initiated that you would seldom find your iPhone screen frozen.

The iOS 15 has also been released and is initiated to the iPhones, eligible to run and function on this operating system. Apple has introduced enormous transparency and, along with great security, input. Even if you have the worst case of losing your phone or being stolen, nobody can extract any data like in earlier times.

However, despite being the best smartphone, the iPhone has continued to retain several drawbacks. Nevertheless, these drawbacks are obvious since these are technological devices, and bugs are bound to enter certain applications, websites, or softwares. Yes, we are talking about times when you find your iPhone frozen. But we have come up with the quickest solutions at your fingertips for you to fix your iPhone without any great difficulties.

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Ways To Fix Your Frozen iPhone

Technical faults and bug initiation are common among all smartphones, so there can be plenty of reasons for your iPhone to freeze. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Reduced storage or not enough space
  • An application that is corrupted
  • A sudden malware breach and attack
  • The operating system is stuck on the restart loop

If these problems show up in your device, you must be wondering how to fix a frozen iPhone. However, there are some quick solutions to solve your persisting problems right away. Some of the common ways to fix your iPhone are:

  • Once your iPhone becomes unresponsive while using an application, you can close the app forcefully to check if your device turns back to its normal state.
  • If you can detect the mobile application causing trouble to your iPhone, you can try updating the application.
  • If the issue persists and makes your iPhone frozen and won’t turn off, you can try to uninstall or delete the particular application.
  • Without deleting the application, you can also try clearing all the application data.
  • Or you can also try applying factory reset to your iPhone. However, this procedure might delete all your important documents and files from your phone, and you might lose it all if you have not kept a backup in your iCloud.

Apart from these basic hacks, you can always look out for – Dr. Fone – System Repair, the best software to get your frozen iPhone fixed without any hassles and within no time.

How to Use Dr. Fone – System Repair: A Step-By-Step Guide

Dr. Fone – System Repair is a specially designed software for iOS. This application software is designed to easily make your iPhone free from all malware and bugs that are creating issues and making your iPhone frozen. The step-by-step guide to using the application software is stated below:

  • Step 1:

You need to launch the application and choose the option of “System Repair” from the main screen and connect your iPhone to a computer.

  • Step 2:

Select your iPhone model and download the firmware to fix the bug.

  • Step 3:

After the firmware has been downloaded, click on the option “fix now” and wait for some time. You will see that your iPhone has been automatically fixed and sent back to its original state.

To Conclude

It becomes extremely problematic when suddenly your iPhone starts malfunctioning because of a bug or virus that has breached your software. It halts the seamless functioning of your phone and causes several disruptions in between. You can apply standard solutions to check if your phone retains back to normal to fix this issue. However, you will find it easy to fix an iPhone frozen with Dr. Fone – System Repair software. If you are an owner of any Apple device like iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc., it is recommended that you should use this system repair software to fix any issues within a blink of an eye.

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