7 Reasons you need that spare set of car keys.

7 Reasons you need that spare set of car keys.

It was a busy time in our household.

We had just moved into our new home and I had unpacked most of our house hold goodies and possessions, save for a few odd boxes that had been ticked away into an unused room.

Life is busy with kids, and after a swimming lesson, lunch and a wee baby nap, it was time to head out with my young little offspring in tow.

But, wait.. something was missing.

My car keys.

I turned the house and my hand bag up side down searching for these rather essential items, but alas, they were not to be found.

In desperation I located the spare set and went on about my day.

I had the assumption that over the next few days, these keys would turn up, but they didn’t.

Well, not until 2 years later when we finally unpacked the very last box and there they were, buried in the very bottom, courteousy of a busy and rather ‘helpful’ toddler

In the meantime, I contemplated whether or not it was worthwhile getting a car key replacement or if I would survive with just one copy of my vehicle keys.

I thought the process would be painful, and drawn out.

To be honest, it was fairly pain free and simple and now that I am on the verge of selling the affected vehicle, I’m glad I did.

The service I used merely cloned the key remote I had and we were on our way. 

It was a quick, simple exercise, and although a bit more expensive than I desired, definitely worth it.

Before you think you can get by with just one car key, consider these factors:


Having 2 sets of keys is pretty standard when buying from a car yard.

If you’re re-selling your car, you might invest in getting your car detailed so she looks all clean, neat and spick and span.

You might even give her one last farewell service to make sure all aspects are safe and the vehicle passes a road worthy test.

But, having only one set of keys can make some potential buyers hesitate to buy your car.

Why only one key?

Where’s the other one?

If the person viewing your car needs 2 keys for their own reasons, this could cost you a sale.

  1. To have a backup.

That spare key sure came in handy when I lost it.

You don’t think you’re ever going to need that extra set until you do.

Without it, I would’ve been lost.

Without an additional key, a locksmith would’ve most likely cost me more money and time.

I would’ve been depending on their availability to conduct a mobile visit and assessment.

  1. If you have 2 drivers, each has their own key.

With rising costs in fuel, registration and the general running and maintenance of a car, many house holds are opting to share one vehicle.

In situations such as this, having 2 sets of keys can be very beneficial.

Perhaps you and your partner are both shift workers and one may be sleeping whilst the other needs to leave for work.

Rather than disturb the resting worker to get keys, the other party simply used their own.

Or, if you’re like me, you have car and house keys on the same key ring.

If you’re out and about on walk or other activity, the other person needs to wait til you get home.

This can be inconvenient and time consuming.

With both drivers having their own key, it means access to the car is easy and pain-free and each person is free to continue on their day without worrying about key transfer.

  1. Emergencies

If you’ve locked your car keys in the car or you’ve needed to attend hospital or another unplanned situation, you may have had to unexpectedly abandon your vehicle or unintentionally taking the keys with you.

Having that spare set handy means that a trusted friend or family member can collect it on your behalf and bring it back to you.

Emergency situations are never planned, but you can stop it becoming even more stressful.

  1. Wear and tear.

Just as with all appliances powered by a battery, your car key can run out of battery power too.

If you have this suddenly stop working on you, and you don’t have a back up battery, your spare key can help you avoid a tricky situation.

Rather than calling out a locksmith, you can plainly use the other key and drive to the shops and purchase another key at a fraction of the cost.

  1. Broken keys

Sometimes, it might not be the remote that meets its maker, but the actual key itself.

Your key might snap or become uneven after a rough and tumble in your back (or another act of toddler).

Attempting to put the key in the door lock or steering wheel whilst its bent van cause damage to the mechanisms of the vehicle, which can be very costly indeed.

Prevention is better than the remedy! 

  1. Your keys get stolen.

Thieves are opportunistic. 

I recall working in a hospital as a receptionist as having my keys stolen from my desk.

It was a bit of a panic situation as I had both my car and house keys on the same lanyard.

A quick call home ensured that my house mate was able to bring me the spare set and I quickly removed my car and got the locks reprogrammed. 

Would be car stealers may also break into your home and take your car keys and wait til you are sleeping to return and take your priced possession.

That’s spare key can be used to reset your vehicle access code and discourage the thieves from entering your car with the original set.

  1. Some keys are smart.

Vehicles these days have a lot of fine-tuned settings that may be specific to each driver.

Some of the more modern cars can have settings such as drivers seat positions, climate control and radio station programmed to a particular key.

Meaning when you hop in your car recognises the drivers’ preferences via the key and sets them.

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