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7 Out-of-the-box Video Ideas for Small Business

7 Out-of-the-box Video Ideas for Small Business 

by Krutika Lohakare

As a small business owner with a limited marketing budget, you must utilize video marketing for effective promotion. People love videos because they entertain and inform. In fact, many would say that videos prove to be the most consumable content. After all, viewers can learn a lot in a short span of time from moving images, text, audio. Thankfully, you can now readily make videos with an online video editor. Even if you have no experience whatsoever, the various video templates and effects mean you can produce your final output in a matter of minutes. 

An online video editor comes with an easy user interface, allowing newbies and even kids to use the tool. Hence, this means you can readily churn out professional-quality videos to promote your brand. Distribute your video content on your social media profiles, landing pages, via emails, and more. As a result, you can count on audience interaction and engagement to boost your brand’s reach. Therefore, you need amazing video content ideas that assure your creative gears consistently churn. Take note of these out-of-the-box ideas and implement them to bring your small business tons of exposure. 

Make a Spectacular Video Announcement to Wow the Crowd

If you have a piece of exciting news to share, make a big splash using your online video editor’s pre-designed template. For example, “The Wait is Over” lives up to its name by creating hype with stunning visuals, graphics, fonts, and music. Just drag and drop your clips and photos from your gallery, and you’re good to go. 

This will definitely work wonders if you’ve got something new to share with your audience. Instead of using a plain text post or digital poster, make your announcement with a compelling video that captures attention and retains it. For example, you can use it for the following:

  • Founder’s day news
  • New product launches
  • Big sales
  • Industry updates

Capture a Creative But Genuine Customer Testimonial

As a small business, you must work hard to prove your credibility. After all, people will only patronize your goods and services if they trust your brand. Today, consumers work smart and research. Thus, you must show evidence that you can live up to their expectations. For best results, make a quick video using the “Social Proof” template. 

It would help to take your client feedback and make it more creative. Instead of just using plain quotes, produce a quick video interview. This proves to be more engaging and acts as a word-of-mouth referral. Besides, seeing actual happy clients make your brand more personable and relatable. 

Try a Cool Parody That Gives a Fresh Spin on Things

The name of the game in catching the audience’s attention is to make waves. Why not come up with a funky video that spin-offs a popular music video or clip. Remember, your audience loves seeing creative twists on an old trend. Utilize a “Throwback Thursday” or “Old Skool” template. Both make it easy for you to think of a fresh spin. Use what’s popular in the good old days to your advantage. However, the key to success for this strategy is timing. Strike while the iron is hot. To help you out, you can customize the template using these features on your online video editor:

  • Music
  • Fonts
  • Stock images and videos
  • Transitions
  • Effect 
  • Graphics
  • Voice-over narratives 
  • Animation

Make a Helpful Video How-To

Everyone knows actions always speak louder than words. If you have some instructional materials to share, a video how-to works better than a long article. People find the latter too time-consuming to read. Besides, it is also subject to misinterpretation. 

In contrast, showing a how-to video works better because your audience can see everything clearly. Also, you can include narratives to explain the process. As a result, people will not misunderstand your message. Remember, seeing how things are done in a video is better than merely telling them how to do it with plain words or text. To help you edit the best demos, take a look at your online video editor template library. For example, you will find different clips to customize like the following:

  • “Hair Tutorials”
  • “4 Steps for Gel Manicure”
  • “Cook Tutorials”
  • “Point A to B”

Take Footage of What Goes on Behind-the-Scenes

People just love getting the inside scoop! If you want your brand to become more relatable, make sure you release videos of what happens in the background. This will endear you more to your audience because they will see you have nothing to hide. On top of that, they get a glimpse of what really goes on to produce your products or services. 

This works remarkably well because people love authenticity. Showing faces behind the success of your brand humanizes your business. Moreover, it makes your company more personable to everyone. Use your online video editor templates like “The Office” to show what goes on with your staff or the “In Your Kitchen” to showcase your restaurant business. You can also try the following concepts:

  • The employee of the month interviews
  • Factory tour
  • Inventory clips 
  • Real-time employee-client interactions 
  • Clips of services
  • A day in the life

Create a Captivating Time-Lapse

If you are working on a new, big project that will take time, consider making a time-lapse. This is easy as you can set up your camera in the same spot and just record your progress over the days. From there, you can speed things up to show the entire process to your clients. For best results, edit the footage with your online video editor. You can add the following embellishments to make your end result look more exciting: 

  • Animated text
  • Cool music
  • Change colors
  • Put company logos

Produce Thank You Videos That Show Appreciation

When you’ve achieved your goals, do not forget to thank your audience. Whether you captured a new client project, launched a new service, or succeeded in your event, show appreciation for the ones who made it happen. You must find time to thank everyone for their continued support. 

For best results, pick from any “Thank You” or “Gratitude” templates. Customize it with pictures or videos from your phone gallery. 

Parting Words On To Implement Out-of-Box Ideas To Implement on Your Online Video Editor

Finally, try your best to make everything engaging so you can make a heartfelt account of what happened. 

You can even make round-up clips that compile your best projects to give everyone a glimpse of your company portfolio. Emphasize how extremely appreciative you are because you succeeded in making things happen with their support. 

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