5 Ways To Reinvent Your JEWELRY

By Albert Howard

Take a tour of your treasure box, and you may discover pieces that are decades old. These pieces remain in your closet without any notice. Although you no longer wear them, they hold some values – maybe they were gifted by special persons or hold some loving memories. You can retain the value of your jewelry and can make it a modern piece for your everyday fashion. Connect with jewelry buyers, and they have some special methods that reinvent the beauty of your jewelry. If you want to convert your gold into cash, you will get many buyers that will buy your old jewelry pieces. 

Here are the 5 ways to restyle your jewelry pieces:

Gold plating:

Earlier, sterling silver was the popular choice for pieces. They were the trend setters. But, as time goes by, the taste for jewelry has also changed. If you fall in love with yellow or rose gold tint, gold electroplating is the ideal choice for you. 

It is the process that includes science. A jewelry shop will polish and shine your piece before sending it to the gold plating. In this process, your jewelry pieces will be dipped into a solution made of dissolved metal salt and water. Tt includes the electricity that runs through the water, which allows the gold to be attached to the surface of the jewelry. 

Rhodium plating:

Rhodium plating is another popular way of styling your jewelry pieces. Rhodium is silver metal and works great for enhancing the appearance of white gold. Besides, this process can also be used for giving a new color to your existing jewelry pieces if you do not like the ordinary ones. It is the same as the gold plating process where your jewelry pieces will be cleaned and polished first. Then, these pieces will be placed into a solution where the metal will be attached to the surface of your jewelry. Besides making your jewelry piece look new, it adds durability and scratch-resistant feature to your jewelry pieces.


e-coating is the modern choice for reinventing your old ornaments. Gold and silver are the popular and common choices, but you can enjoy color fusion on your favorite jewelry item. The process of e-coating does the same thing. You will get an array of color choices and can also make your customized color. The process includes dipping your jewelry piece into a tank to coloring your jewelry. Then, experts harden the color coat by baking them in an oven. If you still want a new piece from your old jewelry ones, find jewelry buyers and sell your jewelry for cash. This is one of the great options for getting money when you are in need.

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Stone replacement:

Stone replacement will give your jewelry piece a new look. If the stone is made of cubic zirconia or glass, you can get the stone of your choice. It needs the measurement of the existing stone and gets the one that you will like. Besides, you can also get a new appeal for the color and the shape of your stone. 


Jewelry conversion is the most loved choice, and jewelry experts have many designs that give your jewelry piece a new look. You can convert the type of jewelry. With this, you will get a jewelry piece with a completely changed look. A jeweler will disassemble the old pieces and turn them into new pieces by using the old parts of ornaments or adding new parts to them. It needs creativity to enhance the appeal of your ornaments. And some jewelry corners are showing great success in this art. 

These are the top 5 choices that help you restyle your old jewelry pieces. However, there are other factors that can help update your fashion note. 

Don’t hesitate to experiment: 

The more you experiment with your jewelry, the more looks you can discover. You can even change the look of your jewelry pieces by pairing them up with creative things. For example, your old earrings look different when you compliment them with a necklace. This is all about your fashion zeal. The world of fashion is open to all, and anyone can experiment with it. you can also choose the mix-and-match theme for your look. 

Get it professionally cleaned and invested:

You can reinvent your old gold by getting them professionally checked and cleaned. When you find a reputed jeweler, you can get the most satisfying service for cleaning and polishing your old pieces. The jewelers can also even make more input to your pieces and can help you change the precious gem-setting of your ornaments. 

So, these are the most common ways that help you change the look of your old jewelry pieces. You can easily turn those pieces into your style statement. For those who want a completely new look, selling their gold jewelry pieces to jewelry buyers will be an ideal choice. For more suggestions and tips for taking care of your jewelry pieces, you can consult with Diamond Banc. It is a premier jewelry buyer and lender, offering you an array of choices for your needs. For any help, you can easily connect with our jewelry experts.

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