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5 Trend Changes in Nursing Practice and Education in 2022

5 Trend Changes in Nursing Practice and Education in 2022

by Altaf

The nursing world is always changing, and nursing is not the same as it was before, both for the nurses and the patients. The healthcare facilities and hospitals nowadays have also improved in a big way, thanks to new technology integrations into the healthcare system. Nursing practices and education are also in the state of always changing, and it will continue to change for the better in the future. Here are 5 trend changes in nursing practice and education in 2022:

  • Online Nurse Education Program

Nowadays, it’s very easy for you to access online nurse education programs and learn various nursing topics from the certified experts. In the past, it would be very difficult for you to get access to this type of information, as you will need to become a medical school student if you want to learn about various nursing topics. 

With online nurse education programs, you just need to use your device to access various informative videos and tutorials from actual nurse practitioners to learn about various nursing topics, whether theoretical or practical. You can study nursing online via platforms like Lecturio, which you can access from any device wherever you are. 

  • The Use of Various Devices to Improve Patient’s Health

It’s easier for nurses today to help patients recover from their illnesses and improve their health conditions. There are various devices that can help nurses take care of the patients and make everything easier for them to analyze the patient’s health conditions. In the past, the nurses might also use various devices to help take care of the patients, but the devices they use were not as sophisticated and diverse as today.

It’s also easier for the nurses nowadays to help their patients and communicate with them based on the health assessment data they get from various health devices they are using. Also, they can integrate all the data to help the nurses communicate better with the patients and to improve their patient engagement and patient activation.

  • Telehealth Services for Long-Distance Nursing

In the past, patients needed to come to the healthcare facility, doctor’s office, or hospital just to get a health consultation with the healthcare professionals there. They also need to come to the healthcare facility if they want to check their health conditions or get treated by the nurses. Nowadays, the patients can consult with the healthcare professionals in the comfort of their home with the telehealth services.

Telehealth services can also provide the patients with the long-distance nursing services that will provide them various benefits if they don’t have the time to come to the doctor’s office or hospital. By using the telehealth services, the nurses can take care of the patients and provide useful health information to them via various telecommunication methods, such as video calls, in-app chats, telephone calls, and more. 

  • In-Home Nursing Care Services

Many healthcare services now provide their patients with the in-home nursing care services that allow their nurses to come to their patient’s home to treat them. The in-home nursing care can provide even more convenience for the patients, as they don’t need to visit the hospital to get treated. The nurses can come to their home and perform the same treatments as they would perform when the patients come to the hospital. It can also help with the patients that have difficulty moving their body, so they can get the right treatment from the nurses at home.

For the healthcare facility, the in-home nursing care services can also help them reduce their bed occupancy rate and focus on treating patients with more serious health conditions at their facility.

  • Higher Academic Background Requirements for Nurses

In the past, nurses needed to have diplomas as their academic background. Now, most nurses will need to earn at least a bachelor’s degree before they can work as a professional nurse in healthcare facilities, doctor’s offices, and hospitals. Also, they will need to have a master’s degree if they want to become a nurse practitioner. The certification system is also becoming stricter to ensure that each nurse has the qualities necessary to use their skills to treat their patients.

However, the higher academic background requirements don’t make it more difficult for nurses to achieve success in their career path today. There are various resources that nurses can access nowadays, such as online nurse practitioner programs that make it possible for them to become a nurse practitioner using online education.


These trend changes in nursing practice and education will help shape the nursing world for the better in the future. It will make our healthcare system better with the constant improvements for their human resources. It will also make the nurses have more qualifications to do their job in treating their patients and improving their health conditions.

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