5 Mind Blowing Thriller Movies You Can Find On ZEE5

By Juliet D'cruz

Thriller movies are known for their ability to keep the audience members hooked and get them to use their mental faculties to the fullest. These presentations have intricately-woven story lines and a set of jaw dropping plot points that are usually based on real life happenings. If you are someone who is looking for adrenaline-pumping entertainers like that, this article is for you. Read on to know about 5 such edge-of-the-seat thrillers that have been created for your viewing pleasure and can be found on ZEE5.

Yeh Saali Aashiqui (2019)

Starring newcomers Vardhan Puri and Shivaleeka Oberoi, this beautifully twisted thriller is the tale of a mentally deranged man (Puri) who has been convicted of assaulting his alleged lover (Oberoi) in college. As the film progresses, it becomes evident that nothing is as it seems on the surface as the web of lies begins to unravel, which also uncovers the nefarious motives that the leads harbor within themselves. This Cherag Ruparel directorial is produced by Jayantilal Gada as well as Amrish Puri Films. If you want a film that challenges your perception of reality, this movie is for you.

Operation Parindey (2020)

This Amit Sadh-starrer is about a real life prison break attempt that was orchestrated by a handful of inmates in a Delhi-based prison. The bulk of the thrill that one can find in this movie lies in the planning process of the escape in question as well as the several challenges that the group faces along the way. One can say that this is the Indian equivalent of Prison Break.

Hacked (2020)

When you are talking about edge-of-the-seat thrillers, it is a crime not to include one of Vikram Bhatt’s movies. This technological thriller sees its lead male protagonist exact revenge on his girlfriend by hacking into her devices after she spends the night with her neighbor. As a result of the embittered boyfriend’s quest for vengeance, the girlfriend’s life ends up becoming miserable. Interestingly, this film made its debut during the Valentine’s season of that year, which can be seen as somewhat of a practical joke on the part of its makers.

Taish (2020)

This twisted thriller drama starts off with an unfortunate encounter between the leading men of the film and a gangster. What follows is a series of revelations and a loss of innocence for the leading characters. This movie has some of the most unexpected thrill inducing moments and plot twists, which would perhaps explain the multiple award wins as well as the nominations it has received. This neo-noir film stars Kriti Kharbanda, Harshvardhan Rane, and Pulkit Samrat in leading roles.

8×10 Tasveer (2009)

This movie is one of Akshay Kumar’s more experimental and audacious projects. The story of this movie is about a man who has the ability to look into the past by simply taking a glance at an 8×10 photograph. Not only is this film an extremely thrilling affair, it is also fairly stylish, to speak modestly of it. This film also stars Ayesha Takia in the lead role.

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