4 Merry Promotion Tips For Your Ugly Sweater Party

By Berry Mathew

Christmas is right around the corner, and as a small business owner, it’s time for you to deck the halls and spread some holiday cheer with some fantastic Christmas marketing strategies. And what better way to do that than through a fun, Christmas-themed event for your customers? 

Ugly sweaters are one of the most awaited parts of Christmas time. Not only are they fun, comfortable, and super festive, they make for a fantastic party theme too. So why not take it up a notch this Christmas season with your very own ugly sweater party? Here’s how you can plan and promote your own Christmas ugly sweater party. 

  1. Set up your venue with the brightest Christmas decorations in advance

When you’re throwing a Christmas party, the first step is always to decide on the decor. And when it’s an ugly sweater party, you know the decor needs to be as bright, colorful, and ostentatious as the theme itself. 

Bring out all of your brightest pieces of decoration and set up your venue. Use bright mismatched socks and stockings as hanging decorations on counters and walls. Put up multicolored string lights around your venue. You can even bring out some battered old Christmas sweaters and hang them up in strategic places as the key decor elements in your party. 

  1. Plan an “ugliest sweater” contest

Is it really an ugly sweater party if you don’t give out a prize for the ugliest sweater worn? Parties are always a lot more fun when you appeal to your guests’ competitive spirit and host a fun competition that everyone can take part in. 

Set up and plan out an “ugliest sweater” contest where you can hand out a special winning prize to the guest wearing the craziest Christmas sweater. You can even have a criteria of what counts as the ugliest sweater and include rules like bright Christmas colors, a huge image of an animal, or sequins. 

Announce the contest well in advance to get your potential guests excited to attend and use a special gift voucher for your business as the big prize. 

  1. Start an Instagram hashtag 

One of the best ways to promote your party is to start a trend on Instagram and let social media do its thing. 

Come up with a clever hashtag for your ugly sweater party and post it on your Instagram. You can accompany it with a post about your ugly sweater party using a custom ugly Christmas sweater flyer template, or take it up a notch and put up stories of your employees wearing their ugly sweaters and ask your followers to show their sweater for the party. Here are some ideas for hashtags you can use:

  1. #UglySweaterPartywithMyBusiness
  2. #LetsGetUgly
  3. #UglySweaterPartyPreps

Encourage your followers to share their preps for your ugly sweater party using the hashtag to make it viral. 

  1. Send out email invites

If you want people to come to your party, you need to invite them in a way that they’re bound to notice. And what better way than through a fun email that pops up right in their inbox?

Plan out a special email for your Ugly Sweater Party and add an invite for your customers. To make sure that people open it, you need to have an engaging subject line. Something that compels them to open the email and see what’s inside, like “we have an early Christmas gift for you…”. 

And of course, you can’t skimp out on the actual email. Find the perfect Christmas email template using design tools like PosterMyWall to jazz up your email, and insert your invite message into it according to your needs. Add some extra Christmas elements to your email to really bring in the holiday spirit, and don’t forget to add all the important details, like the timing, venue, and all the things to look forward to. 

Final thoughts

Everyone loves a good Christmas party, and as a business, one of the best ways to market yourself during the holiday season is through a friendly neighborhood party for your local customers. Follow these tips to make your ugly sweater party a hit and have people crowding around your business venue in no time.