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4 Killer Tips To Plan Your Wedding Day

4 Killer Tips To Plan Your Wedding Day

by Altaf

Once the excitement of your engagement wears off, the first thing that hits you like a bulldozer is wedding planning. You have been dreaming about this day since your teenage or childhood, but now that it is coming to realisation, you are extremely scared. The uncertainty related to the new phase of your life coupled with preparations for your big life is becoming too much for you to handle. 

If you are facing all this, then you have come to the right place. We are here with some exceptional tips that can help you maneuver your way through the hassling events of wedding planning. Follow these tips and plan your big day successfully. 

Manage Your Budget

Imagine yourself finding the absolute favorite venue that offers you everything you wish for your big day and having not enough money to get it booked for your wedding. Abhorring right? To avoid facing such a situation, manage your budget before you start planning your wedding. 

To set out a good amount for your wedding, you will have to start from saving to gathering funds from your friends and family. Draft out a rough sketch of all the expenses that will go into planning your event to know how much money you must have in your pocket to plan the day. 

Create Guest List

Creating a guest list is not an easy task as it involves decisions related to who should be included and excluded. The last thing you would want in the midst of all the stress related to wedding, is face saving in front of those friends whom you mistakenly forget to invite. 

Therefore, pick a day when you are not occupied muhc and start jotting down the names of those you want to invite to your wedding. You can take help of apps and spreadsheets to track your guests’ names. Make two lists, one having guests you absolutely want to invite and one having those names who are not that close to you. 

Decide On Decor 

Once you decide your wedding venue, the next thing you have to check off the list is decor. For this purpose we suggest you check out Wedding Design Glasgow as they offer a variety of ornamentation that can create a dream ambiance for your wedding. 

Theme wedding decor can also be a good option if you do not want to engage in the nitty gritties of decoration. Hire a team, select a theme, and let the team take care of the rest. 

Proper Organization

There will be a lot of documents and receipts from various vendors during the process of planning your wedding. Therefore, you will have to polish your organizational skills. Create shareable spreadsheets and folders where you can upload your documents and paperwork and every concerned person can easily access it. 

Go for apps that lets you create a checklist of all the tasks that have to be done before your wedding day so that you can easily check off the list on the go. 

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