3 Benefits of Algae

By Albert Howard

It’s challenging to have health goals and try and move toward them. No matter who you are, from the person just beginning to get interested in the world of health and fitness to the enthusiast who’s passionate about this journey, it’s always going to be a challenge. Finding the time and the capacity to improve your life is typically where most people struggle the most. Not only is the concept of changing up the way you eat or learning how to exercise correctly hard enough, but finding the time can be a stretch.

Whether that’s a hobbyist restructuring their schedule to put in more training time for an event, or someone who just bought a gym membership for the first time tiring to understand what’s realistic and what’s not. A huge part of learning how to pursue your best health always comes down to what tools you are using. The tools you use and the methods you pursue your health goals with can have a huge impact on your journey and if you use the right ones, you can see the success you want to see! 

Supplements, a Powerful Tool for Your Health Journey

One tool that can help you pursue your health goals in a powerful way is supplements. The idea behind supplements is simple, they allow for a convenient way to supplement your health routine with powerful nutrition that doesn’t put any strain or stress on your day. Most supplements can be found in powdered or pill form and can be taken throughout the day and represent easy accessibility to powerful nutrition. 

Supplements can come in a wide array of varieties. For instance, some people use supplements to get their suggested amount of vitamins for the day, while others use them to help get more fats, proteins, or fiber into their normal diet. The appeal is that you can easily take a natural, organic supplement that has the same effects of introducing it into your diet, without having to alter your normal dietary routines. So no need to learn how to cook all of these new dishes, or find the time to do so, when you have a supplement that can help. 

Probably the most common form of supplement is a traditional protein powder that gym enthusiasts use. While a proper diet is crucial when wanting to get the most out of your gym routine, supplementing your protein intake with a protein supplement can help to improve your muscle growth. 

Supplements can also be created in different ways, whether extracted from all natural sources or synthesized. One supplement that is rich in healthy, strong fats, is actually Algae. If you have been looking into ways of supplementing your omega-3 fatty acids, here is everything you need to know about why using algae supplements might be your best option. 

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1. Algae is Good for the Earth

Algae is a green, eukaryotic organism that makes up a large part of natural aquatic ecosystems all over the globe. From freshwater streams to lakes and oceans, algae is crucial for helping maintain marine life. Not only that, but algae is actually responsible for nearly half of the globe’s natural oxygen stores. 

Algae is such an important part of the earth’s resources, that life itself would struggle to exist without this little green growth. 

2. Algae is Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

One of the most common supplements next to a multivitamin is fat supplements. Your body needs strong, healthy fats like omega-3s in order to maintain healthy function. Omega-3 fatty acids help to keep your heart beating healthily and can even help you avoid dysrhythmias. They can also help to promote good cholesterol and mitigate bad cholesterol which lowers your risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

Omega-3 fatty acids also have the ability to help your body heal and restore tissue, which can help to keep your joints healthy and working for years to come. With so many robust health benefits, omega-3 supplements are very common because your body naturally doesn’t synthesize this. What’s fascinating, is that the most common supplements for omega-3 fatty acids are fish oils, however, algae are the reason that fish have the omega-3s in the first place. 

By harvesting omega-3 fatty acids from algae, you skip the middle fish entirely and actually have a form of omega-3 that has been shown to be 50% more absorbable in your system. 

3. Vegan Algae Supplements Are Better for the Earth

The last benefit of algae is that it represents a more sustainable form of omega-3 supplements than fish oil. This is a way of getting omega-3 supplements without exacting as much damage to the environment compared to traditional fish oil. 


Algae-based omega-3 supplements are an environmentally conscious way of getting rich omega-3s that can help to improve your health and push you further toward your goals.

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