1.5 Carat Yellow Diamond

By Charlotte Miller

Diamond is an elegant and expensive stone. It extracts naturally through mining while it also synthesized artificially. Pure diamond is colorless and shines due to reflection. On the other hand man made diamonds come in different colors like yellow, green, red, blue, brown, etc.


Yellow colored diamonds  are very uncommon in all colors. There are different shades of yellow diamond depending upon their intensity and quality. These diamond colors are called fancy yellow and all the shades are represented by the term “Fancy”. On the basis of scale developed by GIA, the tone and intensity of color decides the name of diamonds like Fancy Deep, Fancy Intense, Fancy Light, Fancy Dark, Fancy Vivid, etc.

Synthetic stone comes in  yellow to brown colors due to the presence of nitrogen in it. The diamond research laboratory De Beers has evaluated approximately 25 carat diamonds for the purpose of research. But here  we are going to discuss the 1.5 carat yellow diamond. The synthesis of yellow diamond is done by the termination of stone from 1 carat to 1.5 carat for economic purposes.

Discovery of Fist Yellow Diamond

The story of the first yellow diamond is interesting, as it was taken by a teenager from grass. His family and companion didn’t know the worth of this stone, therefore it passed all over Europe. Finally, in 1967, De Beers got and named it Eureka Diamond, now it is in Kimberley Mine Museum. Another fact is that the yellow diamond is the largest natural diamond. In 1972, Kimberly Octahedron discovered a huge 616 carat diamond naturally. Big Hole Kimberley saved that massive diamond in the Diamond Vault.

Production Method of Diamond

Diamonds can be synthesized through different methods in which Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) diamond and High Pressure High Temperature Diamond (HPHT) are most commonly used methods. Two other methods Detonation Synthesis and High Power Ultrasound are also considered for the production of diamond.

Cost of Yellow Diamond with 4C’s

The price of yellow diamond depends on the carat and also the 4C’s factor shows the price of yellow diamond. Following are the four factors color, clarity, cut and carat influence the cost of yellow diamond.


Basically the color is the main factor which evaluates the price of a 1.5 carat yellow diamond. As we have discussed above, yellow diamonds are divided into many categories on the basis of color intensity. The dark shades of yellow like vibrant and deep yellow are costly as compared to lighter ones. However, yellow diamonds are affordable because of all the other fancy colors like red, green and blue. Furthermore, in comparison of white diamonds, yellow has a low price.


Yellow Diamond appearance and clarity is somehow different from other diamonds. In contrast with white diamonds, they have accurate and defined clarity. The color is less visible through the naked eye due blemishes. The 1.5 carat diamond has low clarity due to its size and cuts.


When a diamond is cut, it enhances the looks and increases the brilliance. While, the cuts of yellow diamond maximize its color intensity. The appearance of vivid yellow diamonds increases because of property made and its absolute cuts. With a symmetric good cut, it looks more attractive and different from others. However, a radiant cut improves the intensity and color but it takes more time for the finishing process.


Everything basically depends on carats, so it is the main factor of checking the price of diamonds. a 1.5 carat yellow diamond with low weight is not very costly. On the other hand, a higher weight of 1.5 carat yellow diamond possesses high rates. In short the size and carat are in contrast with each other.


The 1.5 carat yellow diamond is a lab grown diamond but the yellow colored diamond also occurs naturally as a world’s largest natural diamond. In an affordable price, it provided a variety of elegant shades with quality cut and clarity. 1.5 carats can be used to make a ring easily. It enhances the beauty of its owner and improves the appearance of the buyer. Yellow looks like a golden color and these types of diamonds appear like gold.