10 Reasons Why Video Alarm Monitoring is Important for your Home Security

By Juliet D'cruz

Everybody wants security measurements for their home and loved ones. Do you want a home security system to secure your valuables? Video Alarm Monitoring provides full security to your home and valuables.

It is important to get CCTV in Singapore if you want to protect your place. By doing this, you will be able to keep your valuable things protected from any threat. It’s a natural thing that we want to protect our loved ones, no matter what happens next. 

Nowadays, home security systems also provide video alarm monitoring with convenience and energy savings which creates a more attractive cost to your home.

In this way, Secom offers video alarm monitoring to protect your home and valuable assets. In this article, we elaborate on the reasons depending on which we explain why a Video alarm monitoring system is important for your home security. So, keep on reading.

Reasons why Video Alarm Monitoring is Important

It is very difficult to take security at this age. Security is not only for commercial or business places but it’s also important to secure your home from any danger or mishaps. The famous and cost-effective method to provide security to your home is the CCTV security system.

It plays a very important role in your place’s security. There are several reasons why it is important to get a video alarm system to protect your home and loved ones. Here, we enlisted some reasons to know about the importance of having a video alarm home security system.

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  • Prevention of Crime

Criminals often think twice about committing a crime when cameras are present, so there is no need for you to worry about cameras catching criminals in the act. How would you feel if you knew someone was watching you rob or destroy a store or office?

  • Stop Employees Theft

A camera can be a very helpful tool if you suspect an employee of wrongdoing, but don’t know how to investigate. You should install cameras where employees frequently work, especially in establishments where cash is exchanged. Not only can these cameras provide proof if an employee is stealing, but they can even deter them from committing a crime if workers know you’re watching.

  • Best for Evidence

A video recording of a person accused of committing a crime that is caught on camera in or around your home can be vital evidence in court. Your security video cameras may be viewed by judges to establish that the person on trial committed the crime. Additionally, you’ll be preventing the same person from harassing your entire community in the future.

  • Helpful to take Legal Action

If someone commits something wrong in your home and is caught on camera, police and other law enforcement officials can release video or photos through various media outlets after the crime has been committed. To make an arrest and to get a dangerous criminal off the streets, a video alarm of the suspect can be invaluable.

  • Monitor your Baby and their movements

Having a CCTV system in your home will allow you to monitor the safety of your children and elderly relatives while you are away, in addition to watching over your maid and making sure nothing is amiss.

  • Keep an eye on everything

CCTV security cameras can be helpful if you’re not always at the office, but still want to keep an eye on things. The ease of keeping an eye on things with a few clicks of your mouse means that you can watch your home from the comfort of your business and be sure that nothing is amiss.

It cannot protect only your home or possessions, it also secures your pets. Suppose, you are not at home and a fire were to break out, in this case, a video alarm security system informed about the fire break out on time.

  • Protection of Loved ones

By applying of video alarm to your home security system, you can easily protect your loved ones from any danger or unforeseen incidents.

  • Protect from Fire

Home security systems are most commonly thought of as methods to protect homes from burglars. However, the video alarm systems can also protect homes from fires, making them a must for preventing fires at home

CCTV systems can be used to provide early warnings of smoke in the home and to detect heat sources in the home. Adding heat detectors to a home security system will alert you if a fire has started in the area of the house and can prevent further damage from fire if they detect the slightest temperature change.

  • Home Insurance Facility

A homeowner’s insurance policy is an absolute necessity when you own a home, and home security is closely related to that. Several factors influence homeowner’s insurance rates, including the type of home, the location, the insurance company, and payment options.

 It is important to note that most insurance companies apply a large discount to homeowners who install a security system to cover losses or damages resulting from a variety of devastating events.

While first-time homeowners often ignore the cost of their home insurance policy, it is important to keep in mind that most insurance companies offer large discounts to those who have a home security system installed.


  • Useful for Medical Assistance

Emergency pulls or medical alert pendants can be incorporated into a home security system with a video alarm so that emergency vehicles can be dispatched directly to the home when they are pulled by the user. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that our study guide you well about the importance of a  video alarm monitoring system in a home security system to protect your home, loved ones, possessions, and valuable assets. Now, you can easily choose this system in your home security system. 

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